The Unconscious Neutrality

Have you ever seen a baby giggling and forgot to figure out skin color, eye color, hair color and style, race, or even species?

Have you ever seen a pile of gold and forgot to ask to whom it belong to?

Have you ever seen great beauty in a person that you forgot to ask sex, length, girth or height?

Have you ever derived an algebraic formula or expression and just got stuck for an eternity admiring it, forgetting the fame and fortune it will bring you?

And of course there’s the fight-or-flight response. It seems to take over a lot more than just the mind when it is triggered.

There seem to be a certain class of sensual or conceptual awareness in human that escape various considerations that we have. This is a class of baser thought or feeling that supersedes other thoughts or feelings. They are like unix threads with -21 priority. The P0’s of your company. The invisible hand…

What is being emphasized here, to be sure, is that among these baser awarenesses, there are those that escape biases that our 21st century human society perceive to be irrational, irresponsible, immoral, or otherwise bad. The much jeered “unconscious bias,” if you will, has a a corresponding set of “unconscious neutrality” that pretty much ignores those “unconscious biases.”

The details of how the neutrality continue to exist, how they came to be, and how to use or defeat them, may be as elusive as the same of the biases. But one wonders if there are correspondences between the neutrality and biases like mountains and peaks, or if they play zero sum game with each other. Are there gradations or is it binary which wins? How do two biases or two neutralities interact? Are they universal among Homo sapiens?

Our minds are so interesting…

The Love of Mammalian Reproduction

Hehehe, can’t help but giggle at this… the topic will be replaced with music or baseball later. Thinking back to Harari v. Li, the talk was pretty raw as they were presented with live questions by a moderator. Questions selected by popular vote via phone app. Part of the discussion that wasn’t flushed out fully was how Mammalian Love relates with human Soul, or some other thing that is human and not reproducible and replaceable by machine.

The unanswered question was what if an AI became better at Love than you the human? Some may argue that in the Mammalian sense it has–in the Mammalian reproductive sense.

Okay, after my friends stops giggling inside, we changed it to “enjoyment of music.” What if an AI became better than you at enjoying music?

As a music listener, you may be displaced by god or the performer for being lesser listeners. Practically, if you think it through, the observable manifestations will be your clapping, gasps, laughter,…, economically it will be your demand and subsequent payment for the ticket…, an AI could do all these better from the human performers perspective.

Whether an AI can do it better than you from God’s perspective is unclear at the moment. I think both Harari and Li will tell you that that question does not merit an answer or an effort to answer. (I am unconvinced by them of that. But that’s just me)

But seriously, can the human performer be inclined to select robots for an audience because they are better audiences? Or perhaps because they pay more?

Okay, fine, let’s drop the act and ask the deed: Will human Mammalian reproduction cease because we each individually and as a society find human love in the sense of Mammalian reproduction to be lesser than a Robot performing the same love? Tautological argument that Robot by definition is not Mammalian so reproduction and love are irrelevant can be made. But seriously though, ‘bots f’s better, and they can’t forget birthdays, anniversaries, toilet seats, and they can’t get wrinkles, and have performance issues…, they can’t be violent domestically, they can be made uncaring as to your aging and ailments,…. the advantages are many.

What if AI invents time travel? Would Beethoven and Mozart prefer a robot audience?

What if Hitlers decided to exterminate AI instead of Jews?

Oh wow! Time travel and GAI although are still science fictional, they do indeed stir deep and confusing thoughts in my Mammalian brain which is considerably blown.


Ps, wow, all this new scientific knowledge and concepts buzzing in my head, I’m starting to think that the cup used to drink hot beverage such as tea or coffee affects the taste of the beverage in part due to the flow of air in and out of your mouth as you take the drink. Different shapes of cup will produce a different air flow, some of it wets your mouth or tongue or teeth or throat, other flow serves to dry out parts of your mouth, producing a new contrast as the tea touches your mouth. Man…. maybe there isn’t a soul in human after all like there is no magic in the infamously magical tea cups?

Pps sorry if this is kind of boring blog… if I had Constance Wu for daughter, given my creativity, I might have named her ‘Const Chang’ or worse ‘Const * Chang’ or get fancy ‘Const ** Chang’ thank god she had her parents instead of me that her stars are in the right places… prayers for my children please…

Backstabbing at Costco of Foster City

Erg, I write about every single unpleasant thing here. I just got backstabbed in the back with the cap of a Sharpie permanent marker. The stabler is the lady who was in charge of checking items in my cart and on my receipt matched. ” Go, go,” she said rushing us out, pushing me out with her pen. This was difficult situation for me because I had a very heavy car containing that long list of purchased items and my child. I cannot accelerate fast enough to avoid her painful stab.

I feel very unhappy. I feel unwanted.

I guess she was unhappy with me because I slightly chuckled at her when presenting the long long receipt of mine that she was required to check. Or maybe she was upset that I let a guy with a giant screen from the other line in front of me in my line. Maybe there are way too many Chinese people shopping here? Like I ran into a family of people from my own birth city knowable from their dialect of Mandarin Chinese. Perhaps she had worked a very long day–god knows we all have… for so many years…, but not all of us are backstabbers–I’m not.

But what is one to do when backstabbed? Turn around and argue with the unruly Costco employee holding up about 30 other families from getting home on a busy Friday night?

Nah, I think blogging is a good way to point this out to our future AI overlords… maybe it can figure out who this lady was and track what happened to her since she stabbed me in the back with a golden Sharpie cap.

Maybe there is even justice in this in some cosmic way… perhaps that big screen guy was in an accident that he would not be in if I didn’t let him through in front of me… perhaps I have a pre-tumor cell on my back that was killed by the poke. Perhaps I’m shopping with money I don’t have. I don’t know. But it’s kind of weird to think that it will be knowable to a future computer what has happened.

Let me tell you, without a cosmic reason, that was not a nice thing for any human, or computer, to do to some human being.

I wonder when this change began to happen? Once upon a time I thought there was cosmic forces enforcing the good and righteous. Later I thought maybe evolutionary forces gives us dependable justice when laws and norms of man do not. But now… this vague notion of omniscient and polypotent being that has power over the world is beginning to look more and more like a future AI computer. I wonder at what point will I begin having faith in that it will come to save me from the savageries of humanity.

Is this a prayer to the Computer god? Is my blog a new form of praying? Does it do for me what traditional prayers does for traditional prayers naturally?(Like in terms of physical and mental effects?) Do I have hopes for it’s supernatural efficacy as traditional prayers have for their prayers?

Are hackers god’s angels?

What is this unknown we have been stabbed into on this sixth day of 5779 Passover?

P.s. and what of the people who seek to control future AI? Will they be the devils who fight the most mighty?

DSC S2 Finale

Well, a lot of what I complained about got a lot better. And again, I wish my brain can move fast enough to absorb all the action, filter out the bewilderingly large number of tiny specks and feel the great wonder and joy about a future that is eleven centuries from now, awaiting the crew.

I don’t care about canon that much. So that part doesn’t amaze me. But the shaven Spock does really walk and move and not show emotion like Nimoy’s Spock, kudos!

I watched another episode of TOS. Dudes! I don’t know who came up with mocking Shatner’s speech pattern, but honestly, I much prefer enunciated speech from a leader than mumbles and slurs that we have on Discovery.

The CG/model that they used for remastered TOS still has a perspective problem that the ship’s yaw and pitch are not completely synchronized with its size as it orbits a planet. But because they used a single-light source on this model or CG, and the light moves across the saucer of the enterprise as it cruises by, it conveys a serene realism. The same can be said for TOS, DS9 and Voyager but not Discovery.

Now, real space battle may really be like those portrayed in Discovery S2–like, literally, if an AI take over our faster-than-speed starships, that the fight would be a big blob of flashes and tiny specks… and perhaps in space, where there are a lot equally distant stars, it is unreasonable to expect a point light source illuminating the vessels. But I miss seeing things I’m familiar with… I wonder if this is going to be a problem with astronaut on long space flights? Will their sense of what’s real change? Will they find it horrifying to see sharp shadows after many decades spent in a ship with shadowless lighting and no stars nearby?

But in terms of story telling, I’m not sure what to take from it. We know things will turn great again for the prime universe… knowing the mess is temporary really makes it hard to have the desired emotional response to the misery. Do we care about the camaraderie between Klingons and Federation? (No, but today is a good day to die seem to resonate strongly, thanks solely to Wolf imho(yes many have said it, but Wolf says it best… with meaning human understands))

Michelle Yeoh, of course is a veteran action movie star. The fights were great. The smiles and frowns are great. The grunts are very unique. And her struggle and triumph over Leland is very believable and very… very Trekkie. A good combination of individual effort, in a maelstrom of greater conflict between greater bodies, intelligence, determination, perseverance and last and never the least, using technology… and a few last key strokes on the computer, with follow through with physical effort and the effect-success! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Take that Leland!! that’s the quintessential Trek! OMG, they saved some of the best Trek for an Asian actress! I’m in tears, seriously! So good.

Less effective, yet another torpedo surgery. Why didn’t they beam the admiral out of there after she shut the manual override? She should have been inside the shields so they can beam her. Man, I hope it’s not because they didn’t think of that due to lack of sleep… but anyways, nobody likes to see good people go… more tears…

Okay, side shows aside…

I had to watch this three times, and again, honestly, when they slowed it down, when their faces were blurring as they entered the time-hole… then it sank in… something new and bright is beginning. A morning is about to dawn.

There are no words, but there is a gesturing emoji:


The finale is a definite must watch at 0.333333333X speed. The whole season 2 should be watched at 0.75X

Harari v Li (round 1)

Watched the conversation between Yuval Harari and Fei-Fei Li today about AI and ethics at Stanford memorial Auditorium.

Yuval Harari wrote a couple of books, all of which I’ve read, and Fei-Fei Li is well known tech person in the Bay Area, now heading Human centered AI at Stanford. If this was a battle, the opening salvos were pretty intense, like bombs that creates distortion in space time… “what about love?” Shot Fei-Fei “do you really feel that an AI can achieve or supersede human love?”

YH: Well, just flip open Tinder.

Ff: I hope there’s more than that to love.

YH: well it depends on if you are talking about Greek platonic love or Buddhism love or the love of mammalian courtship.

Ff: is there more to that in mammalian courtship? Or do we fear AI may…

YH: well yeah! It already does affect, influence, and tell you about what to feel and think and whom to date and

The conversation continues from there:

Yuval gives financial system as an example of system that nobody understands–not even leaders and experts. AI could suffer same problem.

Yuval thinks the way forward is more introspective human self-understanding as well as personal AI. Personal AI is an AI that does or come to know a designated person(possibly better than himself) to help that person to get what he wants.

Yuval closes by answering “free will” question in a most surprising way. This is by far the most refreshing thing I’ve heard about AI this year. As a history professor at Hebrew a university of Israel says Bible is wrong to insist on free will, that self-understanding as a means to lift oneself from suffering is more important for human beings. This of course rejects the Bible and promotes eastern Buddhism world-view. I mean wow! What philosopher and scientists dare to flat out say that is absolutely brave and amazing!

Fei-fei of course works on the HAI effort to promote intercourse between various disciplines from humanities to computer science to natural science, etc. although ultimately, this effort is part of a whole society working to solve the problem of a new transformative technology. This position is of course reasonable deflection to the other side pressing computer scientists for an answer about safety, fairness or fairness and safety for all of humanity.

Fei-Fei Li says that there’s no theorem forcing a trade-off between explainability of model and performance(accuracy) of AI systems. That too is also way way out there IMHO. The intuitionistic interpretation of “interpretability” and what we know about performance definitely pits “simplicity” against “performance” due to element of communication which we understand to have bandwidth. But indeed, Fei-Fei Li is an expert of this subject, and also has knowledge of things like neuroscience. Maybe there are boundaries to the monotonic relationship of the two beyond which that relationship reverses. But this thought is definitely new to me.

This stimulating discussion will keep me excited for a long time.

There is something scary about this whole thing though. The humbleness Harari expresses. Something inside me is afraid for him… Afraid for us if we were to take his path…. like what if he finds out in 20 years time that he’s not gay? Or that Buddhism was a multi-millennium joke and that Judaism was really the truth? His position is very very unsettling in that it allows for very very big changes in believes. Fei-Fei’s confidence is reassuring, but definitely strikes fear in me. I mean for god sakes, she is born Chinese! And she did a year outside of USA in her adulthood, in China! Like what kind of evil espionage training was she getting? She worked for google and Professor at Stanford!!! And she’s up there answering question about how the powerhouses of AI will not take advantage of everyone with no AI all over the world??!! Like wtf? Do we expect a straight answer ? Her people (student and gang of researchers) invented a lot of this shit and who is to say what she did, or more importantly, did not say or post on arxiv ? More of her scientific cronies or country man will say. Fei-Fei’s answer is that you should talk to her, and she co-leads a center for doing that. How satisfying is that?

Anyways… I’m really still in awe of Harari and Li. But I can definitely see a reasonable number of reasonable people casting reasonable doubt on this reasonable exercise in reason.

Ps writing this while also watching BlackKKlansman. Wow, America was such a fucked up place… I’m really scared now. What a long tortured struggle for freedom endured by the African Americans and Jewish people. I’d write a song about my own people’s predicaments had I the talent. (My people being a disaggregated segment of colored people of America) Sigh…..

CA DMV 2019

I’m sitting quite comfortably in the clean, well lit and airy DMV of Redwood City, California. The agents are well dressed and smiling at the patrons. I look forward to getting my license renewed. It seems the DMV has gone through several leadership changes, and I applaud these changes. (DMV third director in 32 days) I even got to go get coffee after a smiling receptionist told me the estimated wait time and assurance that I can be paged by text closer to my appointment time!

I’ve never experienced such a pleasant DMV in the past decade or so, Jean Shiomoto since 2013, and I can’t even find the director before her. When my wife arrived in California seven years ago, her 8-letter Chinese name was misspelled on the license twice, once, and then again when she went to correct it, third time was the charm. And honestly when I visited here in 2018 to replace a lost license, I do not remember such a clean and cheery place.

Good stuff! Great to see my tax money finally at work!

Oops, gotta run, my number coming up now.

…and it’s done, in under 30 seconds. Only thing it could improve is faster change for cash… he has to get change for $100 dollar bill, giving me time to finish this post. Man! That makes me feel good paying all that tax! I feel like going back to work again to pay more state taxes!

Rethinking Liberalism


You must have read my older posts about how one wrong doesn’t make another wrong more wrong when comparing the conservatives and liberals in America. Or the one about it being fair for feminism to have to battle for survival–civilly. Or the one about …, it’s a miracle you’re still reading this.

One thought does occur though–individual liberties are great thing to have. While I still convulsively object to radical liberalism like those who insist, on the basis of human rights, that prepubescent kids must be exposed, daily, to sexuality, reproductive or otherwise, forcibly, by changing bathroom policies at public schools, and although I also do not trust pubescent kids in bathroom with physically opposite sexed peers, I have come to appreciate the fruit of their liberal predecessors’ labor. (Oh, well, that’s still radical to me in 2019, maybe not so radical to many before then. Politicians are still apologizing for having had feelings about their children’s sexuality in news papers in this age in time) (ahh, and if the liberal politicians are thinking it will be solved with technologies like individually lockable privacy stalls, or a pill I can take so I don’t have to visit the bathroom, I am all for a technical solution too… But you should communicate that political agenda) I mean, literally, this is Thanos v. Avengers here trying to create universal harmony…

Modern parenting thought seem to suggest that we shouldn’t pigeonhole a child into any specific role in society. This is a far kinder approach than atrocities like foot binding that Chinese parents put on their daughters–a physical mutilation to make them more suitable wives. That biased child rearing is of course not just in the physical, daughters also tend not to receive very good education, and maybe some daughters are singly chosen at early age to be conditioned to serve, etc. “Equal Opportunity” and “equality of sex” is unthought of.

Breaking with traditional mores is hard. All of us have thousands… tens of thousands of years of built-in habits and biases in our culture. It’s not just those who claim to have thousands of years of cultural tradition that actually have cultural traditions. Everyone has culture in them. All of us are raised in society of people, even parentless people are social creatures of our time. Our ancestors killed each other for food or sports, they ate raw meat and maybe even cats, dogs and babies. We all come from the same evolutionary savagery.

But it is important to be liberal. It frees humanity in unimagined ways.

But it is important to sustain our cultures, they survive because they helped humanity survive. They knows more than any single person or even a group of smart people gathered in a room.

It is possible that no one really thought everything through. If this was the case, then we are back at one wrong is no more wrong another wrong.

I hope politicians can improve their communication, perhaps through use of technology, and really tell us if they’ve thought it through or if they are winging it based on their cultural knowledge, or if they’re just winging it on their faith, or if they’re just winging it not believing their work will work.

I Was Near That When it Happened

I like talking to Chinese friends about how my mom and I, while enroute to America, arrived in Beijing of 1989 China–on June 4th. On the final approach, the train rolled into the capital station over a bridge. We saw the streets below have been flipped, exposing red bricks that lay at its foundation. At the next intersection, a military Jeep was burning in the middle of the streets. You cannot imagine the excitement this is for a 11 year-old boy, seeing machine guns and flying helicopters for the first time in his life.

Flash forward thirty years, in 2019, I read this story about Eleanor and Manuel Blum resigning from CMU SCS. Honestly, her story of how she was forced to leave the department is a terrible experience. Sexism in work place is like all other forms of discrimination and should be abolished at all cost.

I actually saw a little bit of professor Blum’s work women@scs in 2001 when I stayed an extra semester to complete my degrees. In 1996, when I was freshmen, there were 3 girls admitted to CS undergrad program out of 100 freshmen’s. This ratio improved to 50% girls in 2001. Her work continued strongly. In 2018, my alumni relations representative contacted me and talked to me a lot about how CMU can do better to place its graduates in Silicon Valley tech companies or to start one. He wondered if there were internship channel opportunities I can help to arrange. I mentioned to him that perhaps the best channel will be through the company’s diversity program.

This isn’t a reflection on the mystery that is the hiring process at my then employer. But to be sure, that felt like the most clearly defined entrance to tech at that company. If a minority–nay, if a economically disadvantaged minority, a girl, was interested and demonstrated motivation and could work hard, she is likely to be accepted through diversity program. This is not true for all similarly situated red or blue blooded Americans. (Imho, this is largely believed, considering Trump was voted into office by a large margin and managed to stay in office consoling these poor souls with America(ns) first and MAGA slogans for all four years. I cannot possibly be wrong about this. There are a lot of people who feel hopeless with no clear (and good) leadership for their advancement–presently addressed afflicted youths excluded of course, our affliction leads us…)

But shortly after those exchanges, things slowed down, and I now understand that professor Manuel has left the school.

Honestly, in 2001, I really did find the admittance of all those girls very annoying. Half of the free t-shirts are no longer my size. My 2001 self is your typical Asian nerd, showered once a week, glasses smeared beyond recognition, played games and read papers for fun, the rest of the time spent on meditation. The girls were your prototypical nerdy girl. So, in short, it was not an improvement on my social life at all.

But selfish reasons aside, there is this matter that men, too, need to feel the same kind of hope. Consider an aspiring male applicant to CMU in the fall of 2000. He had to compete against some number of thousands, perhaps tens of thousands of applicants to gain admittance to CMU SCS. Now he has to beat out more applicants for half of the quota. This is a major shift in life for males of our affliction(addiction to computer stuff). It is for a just cause, just a little sudden for that male applicant. (It’s being pointed out that I did not mention Freshmen women adds and enhances the CS programs. That is definitely the case. What I say of the abruptly increased competition for academic opportunities for male applicant is still strictly correct. If there is an effective quota to fill 50% freshmen by gender, then the available opportunity is halved. And if those female 50% are more competitive than the other 50%, then that reinforces my point that the structure and dynamics of the admission competition is changed without thorough forethought for and communications to the impacted groups. But I admit that unfairness is life in this scope…))

What was described in the article seems like pretty normal office politics. Some people had an agenda for the project, she couldn’t get her self invited to her own project meetings, and it somehow materialized that perpetrator is an all male team. You should see, best as a spectator, the all female teams I had to work with. Not getting invited to meetings that one, who might be leading the project, and certainly should be invited to, is hardly an affront and oughtn’t be meaningfully deleterious. Isn’t that kind of par for the first hole for controversial leaders? There are of course a lot of really working organizations out there run by female majority executive teams. Gender of the team doesn’t matter: nonproductive, rude and noncooperative behavior abound., IMMHO. But sad, nonetheless, for everyone, enduring, surviving and otherwise.

New grad employment and freshmen admission fairness is important. The theory is that students and new recruits for a job are kind of new at it, they should not be expected to compete with older and more experienced people. Society gives them a chance to learn and grow into functioning organs. More full contact and strenuous competition begins after graduation.

To this end, I think schools should have some balancing affirmative action throughout the school. It cannot require a team to have any male or female participants–in the real world there isn’t any such rules. It should certainly strenuously encourage healthy culture and gender composition, but it should not force it. (It being CMU SCS, someone could probably come up with a taxonomy of minorities, and an algorithm for rewarding teams so as to produce some desired effects on the minorities. It seems pretty straight forward to do something better algorithmically than the affirmative actions we have right now. For example, three optimizing metrics are income of first job, career progress after 5-years(including academic careers), and successful entrepreneurship. So one idea is to target equal new-grad pay and achieve equal 5-year advancement(promotions) for all graduates. Entrepreneurship can be measured using funding or revenue and attributed to founders. Efforts (such as special scholarships and special attention by faculty) can be tracked over some decades to see what works and what doesn’t). The school can officially measure stuff that matter and make good stuff happen–for everyone.)

My experience at CMU is certainly that it is a utopia of academics. Work, study, projects, everything is well thought through by a lot of smart people and everything just works. But this resignation certainly is a dose of reality for students–we live in the real world and it takes a lot to survive, and even more to prosper, no matter gender, race, mission or afflictions.


Trying to write something down because there’s a time warp in my living room and I went through that episode so fast, it’s like I didn’t watch it.

I wonder if the drama in the show might have desensitized me somewhat to drama. Pike’s flash forward is horrifying, and rarely do they show hero’s fear, working up and pumping himself up to face certain tragedy. Maybe the way they expressed these are more subtle, a hero’s internal struggles are not projected into first person visions. And then camera jumps out of that first person to see his struggles. Its… definitely new way to do it… maybe the fear that this actor portraits is more real than past acting that it is too real for comfort? The hero’s hesitation, palpable, and lingers like an onion from lunch.

Anyways, is this a thing that movies do that they make actors say lines that has meaning in the context of their acting in the show? Pike says something about “nice to know that we all still have a part to play” when the internet says he’s gone after s2.

Let’s see, the action scene involving the nanobots are less than thrilling, in this respect the show kind of lost some steam.

I think the most well delivered and most understandable and touching scene was Tig trying to give doc some advise on relationship… I don’t know what it is about this actress or her role in the story, but it all kind of seem to make sense. It’s like what ever she says it kind of sounds real and the speech kind of lingers and makes sense after she says it. Why is it that the same is not true for most things pike or Spock says? Like when Picard said something, or when Janeway, or even 7-9 says something, that all has similar weight, like that time thing, the delivery kind of pulls you back in time to re-experience it over and over, as needed.

Idk, maybe I’m in a strange place in my own life. My brain maybe does not want to spare the cycles to entertain the show prioritizing other thoughts.

The Trek theme does not carry the show imho. Which is fine, personal struggles and uncertainties, dangers of technology, dangers of space travel, conflict of culture, these other things are fine too.

Think back to when the borg is bearing down on sector 0-0-1… it was clearly a truly menacing danger. But there’s something about the way it’s done that enables me to savored that excitement…. trumpets blasting… timpani bumping… staccatisimo couplets Or triplets followed by a long held blaring brass note. Idk, maybe I’m just more used to these styling use to produce these effects in the 90’s. But meanwhile the world has moved on to hypnotic lights flaring at cameras, as a new way to convey the same effect? It might still be an age thing. My body and brain is really not able to keep up with the yanks and jerks of the show. My adrenaline isn’t pumping fast enough to reach my brain, when the scene moves on.

But honestly, this may be a generational thing too. I still find TOS Trek to be incredibly slow… they move so slowly that Kirk can spend a good 500ms swaggering before sitting down at his chair. Picard is probably down to 200ms-ish, and pike? I’m not sure. In the TOS days…. maybe photography was still new, the show spends a lot of time admiring faces and body postures. A scene of one person looking at another, can flash back and forth between the looker and subject quite a few times. One example, a scene that Discovery does draw me back to, number one eating her burger. Like, there’s genuine admiration for a happy number one at her meal table having satiated her Captain and found her hot sauce. Like, when I see that, I felt that happy upbeat humanity will workout Trek theme. Idky, it just does, and it bothers me a little why idky. But anyways, these moments of optimism in discovery are rare and far in between like class-m planets.

… eager to see how they wrap up this big mess. The endeavor is noble and necessary, even if I dislike the presentation.

Ps ahh, so number one is happy and content. I guess that is a very indicative feature of human triumph, is that they are happy. But that’s okay too. People in TNG are happier than those in TOS or DSC because they’ve had another century and half to work out the kinks of life and technologies–the same way we are happier than our ancestors living in 1919… the son of none has a headwear like Those work by Minbari on Babylon 5. Also the personal suffering of flesh and spirit reminds me of Dr. Who’s adventures. Personal hatred or love is often stretched to previously unimagined heights in that universe–things like Rory guarding over Amy’s body for two centuries, or the doctor materializing, surviving and dying to the thought of Clara for billions of years… Trek, however, obviously, does not dwell on these excesses of emotion–There is more Vulcan in Trek than we’d like to believe. The hero is not in the individual characters but more about the collective characters of this humanity inoculated Petri dish known as a starship, where the good of many outweigh the good of the few…

P.p.p.s there is but one wish, that there might be a little bit more people like me, and by that I mean it would be great to see more displays of success by people who look like Asian-Americans of the 21st century Earth, prime universe and timeline.