It’s okay

I’ve been seeing in the news of Chinese scientists being targeted for national security investigations, arrests and prosecution in United States in the 2010’s. (Xiaoxing Xi and Sherry Chen in case bis history is conveniently foegoten) Also, recently saw the kind of charade the New York law enforcement put up when they marched the executives of Abacus bank to court in a chain gang.

I think the law enforcement are totally entitled to public arrests and demonstration of force to intimidate Chinese Americans into abiding by the law. I also think if the chain gang was illegal in any way, Abacus would have saught it out as a counter suit.

While I don’t think this is necessarily fair to Chinese Americans, I do think it is progress. Better public accusation, ostensibly by-the-book, than one million stings of disparagement and sabotage against the Chinese Americans in their daily lives and work.

It’s okay! It’s all okay, I would personally do the same to Chinese people if I had your information and cultural fear. And by cultural fear, I don’t necessarily mean the fear felt by the surviving paranoid, but the fear felt by the dominant race in the country. If I had centuries and centuries of massively successful domination, or, if I were a recently powerful race, would definitely worry about keeping it. I mean, I practically do the same thing in my domainion, right? Everyone does it, it is in the nature of our evolution. It is the basest, deepest and most unconscious bias you can theorize about. The Chinese people do the same thing in their own country, so they all are used to this. That is to say, even though this happens instinctively, it is also practiced with contemplation and rigor every where in the world.

I would do the same thing. Seriously, not that I’m running for the head of FBI, but I am fearful of Chinese people in America. Especially younger Chinese immigrants who are often ruthless cunning bastards! And I say that with great admiration to their abilities, stamina and determination, because I find it very difficult to survive among them, much less have a prospering life style of silicone valley.

There! I did it! I freely admit my animus in public. They have at times made my life excruciatingly miserable and I am unafraid to admit it. Their actions causes me pain and I dislike them for it. I am very good at misspelling Chinese names when I want to. I can find very quickly a Japanese word for a Chinese(or Asian for that matter) expression because some times I feel really guilty about my tax money is paying for retirement of some soldiers who killed Japanese in the atomic bombing, or secret policeman who captured Japanese suspects for the mass interment camps.

I share these feeling s that you feel. I am comfortable publicizing this because I think my hatred and inaction is that of a good person, superior to those of you who harbor the same and insists on participating in hidden racial manipulation agendas at work and at play. Stop all your finsglings in your little fifdoms. You should stop clandestine activities to that end and talk about this publicly. Look at Trump for an example of public, controlled and legally contestable actions!

Politically, their upbringing gives them nature pride in their home nation which is a prosperous and growing world power. Their country now has human rights and religious freedom written in their constitution, they have balance of power, I write this even as Xi gains the ability to keep the top chair for life… In this respect, their silence on their pride is worrisome as well. Come, let’s have a Chinese Pride Parade. Let there be no secrets about this, there is no need to hide it. They know already, I mean, com’on, give the people and the secret police of America some credit okay? Even though the courts rule against them, it doesn’t mean their actions were not based on very very credible information. And plus all this shows that American practices of: innocence untill proven guilty and due process of trial by peers …

Oh.. they spelled the Appellent’s name wrong in the initial rulings(CH-0752-17-0028-I-1) for the appelent. At the top it says “Xiafen Chen, appellent” in the ruling it reads “appellent Xiafen Chang”

I wouldn’t have caught the mistake myself but for my last name is Chang and I remember her to have a different family name.

I guess …

The courts can make mistakes…


Did they rule on the right person? Is this a case of mistake identity? Or is it a million stings of… What the fuck’s? Continuing? Another straight faced question is whether we should worry about the aptitude of the courts to accurately communicate their decision in a multicultural society; or should we be concerned about checks and balance of power of the government when secret police hacks the court’s computer to introduce this typo as a form of intimidation? Do you have any way to prove it’s not intimidation by the secret police? These seem equally likely to the typo being intentionally misspelled by a court appointed clerk.

But, alas, good effort guys! We’ll get it right next time! We will get there. This will be a great nation for all, some day.

It’s okay…

It’s okay…

It’s okay…

The Moral Win

You know, all you hackers and crackers, and breakers, whether you work for the government, a corporation, my parents, my wife or my kids. I will always win this one in my mind that you are crap of humanity when you take my personal information and reveal it to other people. You are all scum of the earth when you take what I intend to keep private to myself and present it to other people with or without my knowledge and consent. You can hack my bank account and all my brokerage accounts and all my social network accounts and maybe even my kids and other families online accounts. But you know you will always be wrong and evil and the worst humanity ever produced in my mind. I don’t care if all your people does it this way. Were it not wrong for me to do so, I would hate you with the fervor of religious zealots hating blasphemers, homosexuals and competing religions or believes. You should suffer the consequences of having categorically immoral behavior.

But hopefully you will choose to do otherwise in the future.

Being id’d

Just want to note down: first time that I have not been asked for an ID while buying alcohol… in almost 40 years… I don’t feel old, but I distinctly feel the difference in perception of me, now that I am old…

Hey, this is to help neighbor celebrate 70th, so, I don’t feel that bad yet, perhaps after the beer this will sink in more.