Accessible Rights

I wonder how the world will turn out one day. Once long ago, I was in the company of some intellectual human discussing political ethics… And it occured to me that I was struggling to understand a lot of what was being said.

What will happen one day when our political practices advance to a place when most people cannot hold the concepts in their head due to cognitive limits? What will happen if truth, happiness and right and wrong are not comprehensible by most people? These incomprehensible thoughts about things that are fundamentally human(good/happy/free…), let’s call them truer truths…

It’s kind of weird that from intellectually enlightened discussion come a thought of the possibility that we cannot comprehend what is right or good. But from the conception of such truer truths we deduce knowledge of truer truths. It would seem, if there be gods who comprehend these truer truths, lEr him slip a hint of their existence, like black hole leaking radiation.

This of course also come home to the origins of the discussion with companions, what if AI became more cognitively advanced than humans in that they know more about the truer truth that us? It is imaginable today that we have enough computers, under control of a single entity, to computer more than human brain in some task. The AI may be closer to Gods of religion than any of us.

Scary stuff.

Let’s come back down to earth. What if I cannot understand what you say is right? Am I in the deficit to all that is good and mighty for not understanding you? There is a slight chance that you are making it up and that you don’t actually make any sense at all for real. What if we have a constitutional amendment that says “gdjiDkdberish” ? Or a law that says “only non-alien citizens can live and non-aliens can understand e=mc^2” or “affirmative action credits shall be calculated by the suface derivative of the Mao-Zhou balance equations of said population as measured by Kim’s protocol.”

Hey, I mean, it’s not like I’m inventing a human thought here. Among us who are subjects to it, how many really understands the US tax code? In theory, that’s something we chose to do out of our free will. Like really, how are any thing we have today different than these examples above?

And the other side of this argument, how simple do our value system have to be for it to be practical? How universal do our value systems have to be for it to be right? For example, can we demand that citizens can remember to follow the laws? Can we require people to have enough math skills to pay taxes? Can we require them to be literate enough to read candidate names to participate in an election? Can we require citizens to read election candidates write-ups and pass a test before casting his ballot?

What are the faculties, cognitive or otherwise, do we request of our citizens to access to their rights?