A stab at politicking

I was born in the PRC of the 1970’s and it shows. My solution to everything seems to be to control all variables. Recall that I suggested trading software should be like professional car races where the trader bots are limited by their flops. Another thought along the same line of political campaign contributions.

It seems there are a lot of thoughts on how to do campaign financing right. Roughly, the political candidate with the most money has the most resources to influence citizens to cast the vote for them. So the political office is won before the election at the fund raising stage.

Political Action Committees of all flavors are the vehicles to which money donation can be made towards a certain cause–indubitably a political candidate.

Why not restrict the media in which political campaigns can spend their money? Supposing that candidates are only allowed to champagne by SMS limit of 160 characters. That seems to drastically alter the competition to the most important stuff rather than fancy presentations that do more to misdirect than inform.

Okay, perhaps SMS limit is a little extreme, but consider the perhaps limiting the AD impressions and prime-time minutes of TV, in a way that the candidates can not drown out another party by spending money to buy out all the campaign media opportunities.

A second way is to semantically limit the content. During a video, the number of letters, words, and numbers displayed on screen can be limited. The number of objects, simultaneous sounds, animation, and images of opponents.

By setting these kinds of limits, one can possibly effect a more issue-centric and content-centric political campaign process.

More simply, it removes the influence of money.

More idealistically, the hope is to engage in better politics by honestly focusing on our intelligent humanity.

These SIP thoughts partially inspired by Netflix’s Designated Survivor season 3. Halfway through, will issue FAMX rating of 1.3X for the front half of the show.

The FAMX Media Rating Scale ∈[0, ∞)

It seems I’ve begun to use a scale to represent how much a story or a show is enjoyable. The rough idea is that if I were listening to a podcast story, how fast would I listen to it? If the show is largely content free or uninteresting, I may speed through it at 2X or 3X speed. If a show is packed with information, or emotional content that I may wish to linger upon, then I slow it down to 1X, and some cases, the shows run so fast, like Star Trek Discovery, or Hamilton biography, that I may have to rewatch or re-listen to large portions of it, the average speed slows down to below one–0.5X for example if I watched an episode twice. 0.1X if I had to review a formula or chart 10 times.

There are those moments, where I would freeze a frame or stop reading mid-sentence in thought, agony or enjoyment, until biological reasons stops me. In these situations, the content merit a near 0.

And everyone has experienced content that you cannot finish fast enough, those cases we have a large FAMX rating.

I hope this blog has been at most “FAMX 1X” or simply “1 FAMX”

Hope these explanation helps.

I am Mother?

Just saw this film on Netflix…

This is the kind of stuff a parent wishes to show his daughter. Look, take your test and try your best. ‘cos you should know your older sisters didn’t try their best and…

But seriously, I guess one interpretation is that the AI set up the intruder to test the daughter some how? Quality being the ability to survive? Or ability to distinguish those useful for survival and those that are in the way? Why did she have to kill mother? Was this kind of a prove of self sufficiency? Is there an inevitable violence in the maturation of humanity? Is the corruption of those in Eden an inevitable element of our existence ? ( the intruder being the corrupting element with forbidden knowledge) perhaps an existence of overwhelming enemy to overcome is a required element of human evolution? Mother set up the fear in the intruder, and then in Daughter, to introduce the strongest possible fear and hate. Hatred for robots unites humanity, it concludes after failing to unite humanity in peace using other approaches.

Although, one do have to commend Daughter for single handedly deciding for the whole of humanity that it does not need Mother AI. Perhaps after an extinction level event, we will really be ready to decide to put automating ourselves out of mind and out of practice.

Thought provoking movie. Worth a watch at 1.25X.

Can’t ‘Off’ the AI…

I’ve come to realize that it is very hard to turn Bluetooth and internet off on mobile devices. There is an irresistible urge for the device to be connected. Many operations turns into the Bluetooth on. Similarly, the WiFi refuses to stay off. Connectivity defaults can be reset during OS upgrades. Rebooting the devices resets connectivity setting. Power saving mode changes can flip on these connections. Connecting the phone to computer or car causes them to turn on. Walking into a geofence may cause them to turn on… like your body can act involuntarily, fart or burp or hiccup, and they turn on.

At the present time, it is not conventionally known that these surreptitious auto-connections are causing us any harm. But the simple matter of fact is that I remember turning it off and then moments or days later it is turned back on again.

How will AI endanger our humanity? I feel perhaps the leakage will be here. When by our own, arguably the most excellent engineering organizations, deliberately engineer these features in software and hardware systems that operate against my individually expressed wishes.

The possibilities of how invasive and how offensive an advanced AI would be under governance of present day (2010’s) corporations is painfully forced into my mind.

I said “off” but it is still on. And some people probably got a lot of cash bonus, stock grants and stock appreciation for making it turn on even when I said “off.” Like, it’s not even about that software engineer selling his soul for money any more. That team selling everyone’s humanity for money!

Will more advanced AI technologies be hated by most?

It seems like that’s where we are headed today.

P.s. for those readers mocking me, please keep in mind that I don’t spend all my days on the iPhone. I do not derive my meaning and purpose from staring at this tiny screen all day long. When the button(s) that used to turn wifi(and Bluetooth) on and off suddenly become only a suggestion for the OS, it is very annoying and very inconvenient. In some circles, this might be called a bait-and-switch: get users used to pressing a certain area on the screen, then switch that action to mean something else.

P.p.s. The Mobile OS’s has essentially become mafias. Quite literally, when an OS upgrade lands, your device will suddenly malfunction leading to a forced reboot in the middle of whatever activity that was in progress. When you discover the availability of the update, you realize that it is really “an offer that you cannot refuse.” Nice offer, but still kind of forced down my iPhone’s throat.

Also, one shouldn’t forget that Apple settled the lawsuit paying $0.5 billion dollars for slowing down users’ iPhones via an “over the air update” to force them to buy new ones.

During all this time, it has lost no market value or received any impactful punishment for malfeasance that I as a customer would like to end. Apple has lost no faculty or direction for repeating the same exercise of selfish deceptions to increase its sales numbers or other business metrics.

And other companies do it too, of course, but most reader will have more direct experience with mobile devices from Apple.

The fact that all these things have happened and will obviously continue to happen is very alarming. Granted, my radio devices being turned on unexpectedly harmed me in ways that only I can sense and imagine. But mark my words, when it is an AI that gets turned on you unexpectedly, you will not be laughing at me any more.

Learning Function Derivatives

It seems that there is a new feature that makes paragraphs all-caps??? WHAT? What-is-this-capitalization-scheme? Or is it just the first line ??

testing… 1, 2, 3… Okay, just first line of first paragraph. lovely!

Now then, having learned of causes for all the quirks in life, we should continue by introducing my own representation for talking about functions. Let the identity brane P_f:<String, Type>_I be the functional association of types with a set of formal parameter names:

        "first parameter"  : Integer
        "second parameter" : Boolean

The actual parameters has a dependently typed I-Brane P_a having instances that look like:

        "first parameter"  : 1
        "second parameter" : False

For convenience, we endow P_f and P_a with mutators: for some P_f we can write P_{f+\{"\textrm{third parameter}": String\}} to mean adding a parameter to the formal parameter specification, P_{f-["\textrm{first parameter}"]} to mean removing a formal parameter. similarly: with p:P_a the expression p_{[-"\textrm{first paramter}"]} has type P_{a-["\textrm{first parameter}"]} and can be used in the full invocation of any function typed P_{f-["\textrm{first parameter}"]}\rightarrow\Psi

Finally we type the type signature:

\Game_b: \big(P_f\rightarrow\Psi\big)\rightarrow P_{f-[b]}\rightarrow(B,B)\rightarrow\Psi\rightarrow\Psi

so, the type bounds would be able to stipulate that

\partial_p <: \Game_p

Note the \Game_b f should mostly be defined for functions f:P_f\rightarrow\Psi that has b as a formal parameter: b \in P_f.

   [ ] type up concrete example using ML
   [ ] dive into type definitions to be more rigorous.

You’ve got to be kidding me! The 6-2-10, p6 and Dystopia

Just read about Jack Ma’s pun at Ali Day. Apparently he holds a wedding for all his employees married in the past year. This made news apparently because he punned a Chinese work schedule know as the 996 (9am-9pm on 6 days of each week) he turned it into 669, which he, being one of very few masters of marketing on earth, then explains are frequency (6 days a week) and intensity (once a day(6/6=1and for a long time! 9 is a Chinese homonym with 久, stipulating the per incident duration is to be long.)

I’m very glad to see the Chinese people innovating on their work schedule ;-). I had considered this issue since 2012, proposing the 6-2-10 schedule(aka 6-12-22), some analysis and the p6 systems, and analysis. The work-life balance is very important for human beings. As I learned more about it, by working more and having kids in my life, I discover that the bi-directional nature of some resources is quite prevalent.

For example, at a recent employers super-super-decked-out office space, we have daily bathroom overload. People all use bathroom just before standing in long lines for lunch, and then there is another thundering herd rushing to the bathroom between 3 and 5. No stalls. No toilet paper when you get a stall. Between 5-7 you are also likely to encounter the maintenance crew trying to put toilet paper back–and they have to shut the whole site down to do it. The congestion is partially caused by humans have similar digestion periods–the time it takes for the body to make waste of the food we eat. While the company “followed rules” set by the city building code for the number of bathroom, it had obviously decided to hack the workspace in that way.

And I shan’t mention the later ploy to label the rooms as self-identified gender specific rooms. I mean I guess the idea is that the produce of eating could squeeze organs in ways that would change your self identification, in a crunch.

Similar to the traffic problem we encounter daily driving into San Francisco in the morning and out of San Francisco in the evening, staggering the need for resource by shifting work schedule can drastically alter the utilization profiles of the resources. Instead of one side of the highway being congested and the other side half empty. You could have equal proportion of people coming and going from the office and the highways would experience mild increase in utilization in both directions during commute hours. The cafeteria and the bathroom as well. Reduced lines in both if we staggered our eating schedule as well.

One wonders if these newfangled ideas are outdated before they are even out to practice. One thing that has begun to happen is that they have begun to make large casual-working space. There is a new academic building coming up next to my home where the entirety of the first floor is a cafeteria with tables to eat on. But there’re also power supplies so you can eat and work all in the same space. The open space where you can see everyone else in the gigantic room with 1kp capacity (kilo-persons) is exactly the same as San Franciscan open office space.

In b2 of this world, perhaps, The automated robots will bring food to you so you don’t have to self-organize with a hundred other persons just to get the food. They will take the trash away so you don’t have to stand in line to return trays. You’d still have to visit the bathrooms. But we can coordinate that too! The computer can, based on ingredients of your food, and biometric data from your wearables figure out your personalized digestion period for each individual meals brought to you. It can optimize total communal comfort of bathroom occupancy by giving you recommendations for foods on the menu as well as subtly adjusting delivery times. It can even alter your exercise schedule to enhance the prediction accuracy of your digestion period.

Wow! AI researchers and developers have their work cut out for them to make all that just right.

I guess this is almost a dystopian world view… a world more anal for control and optimization and more caring for the common person than communism.

We can only wait to find out. The Commies are reproducing like rabbits, how about you? Is your entire country pro- or anti-reproduction when you have 32 year lowest birth rates as measured by CDC.

Drugs and Coffee

Just a PSA, apparently there are drug tests that you can buy OTC for marijuana and opioids. Search for “home drug test” on google or Amazon. You know, just in case you have kids or spores at risk. A large monetary prize is presently offered for an excuse to get them to put their hot pee into the cup without offense or the necessity of explanation.

Anyhoo, I’ve been observing that coffee is like a miracle drug. I’ve been off of my 4-year-5-cup-of-gourmet-coffee-a-day routine at your prototypical pre-IPO silicone valley startup. Life is miserable this way. If you have typical mid-aged computer-tech person problem, things like anal leakage, anal fissure, hemorrhoids, IBS, ED, anxiety, depression and general or specific dumbness as a result of genes, aging, upbringing or employment… maybe you should try Coffee.

This is the IT drug!


This is the “it” drug!

(one word, meaning contemporary hot exciting popular)

And it’s federally legal!

Okay, doctors, stop berating me. Coffee apparently is a cause for many of the problems I listed. I wonder if one of the following is a possibility:

  1. the body compensated for coffee and that somehow activates a physiological mechanism that defeats the cause of those diseases.
  2. the medical community never seriously tested consumption of coffee at this level because they didn’t think it would work but in reality something in coffee actually does something good to your body.
  3. It is also possible that coffee affects the nerves in ways that relief the symptoms. (For example it may just be a pain killer and not really healing the hemorrhoids.)
  4. It has “anti-inflammatory” abilities. (In quotes to evoke all the new meanings of the word)
  5. Maybe it’s just drinking hot liquids huh?
  6. There may be special addition made to some coffee at roast time or at brew time to enhance these apparent medicating effects.

Anyways, just some thoughts after trying out a rather large does of coffee again.

So… thumbs up does it?

Just watched “At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics Scandal.” on HBO, it had recently appeared on the list of shows.

I guess one snide comment one may have is… oh so that’s how the Americans win their gold medals? Not by a thumb up the butt but a thumb up the vagina!? And wow, that’s no joke… the olympians were not able to escape the horrific experience under USA Gymastics team doctor Nassar’s care. And Michigan State University(MSU), ouch!! Who’d ever send their kid to that university again? I mean, I grew up in State College Pennsylvania, and I have to say, Penn State is still not within consideration… after Joe Pa and Sandusky happened.

So, snarky thoughts aside, where did the FBI go? Most of these events transpire post 9-11. America was a monitored state. We have,… well, tax payers are made to believe that we have sophisticated infrastructure to track digital communications and metadata. Did no spook track this doctors phone calls and sms text and Facebook postings? How come the FBI or NSA didn’t have something that flagged this man? Furthermore, we are often blasted by news headlines of the SEC or IRS reading private equity trading records, private emails and private search logs to gather evidence of a crime in weeks to months after they are committed. How come the same technology did not flag this perv perp? If SEC knows to watch insiders of major companies for insider trading, how come there is no organization to watch major youth sporting organizations and persons for offenses against innocent youths??!!! Is it because there is no money fine to be made that the effort was not justified?

My daughter is involved in a different competitive sports, not gymnastics. She practices at a club now. I have to honestly say, due to the pressure of selecting potential athletes and the need to select the best and train them to be the best, the team does have to process a lot of potential athletes. The coaches have to herd dozens of kids around and make sure they’re all working in an proprietor manner. It is not realistic to expect that they be able to protect the kids at all times.

It’s not even realistic to expect them to protect kids from interference or physical violence by competing team coaches. It is just too messy, the competition space. And plus my teams coaches risk blowback from the other team, as accusation can easily be made in reverse and nobody is the wiser with hundreds of athletes competing in half a dozen teams in the confines of half an acre of space… everybody can say everybody else interfered and physically hit everybody and they wouldn’t be that much less right than my complaint.

I mean, I hate the way things happened in USA Gymnastics… and certainly I had been pushed towards Second Mile(Sandusky’s nonprofit channel for recruiting boys) when my dad signed me up with a big brother at the Big Brother and Big Sister program. Lucky to miss that fun, and got a really nice big brother who helped me a lot in developing intellectual curiosity…

But I kind of also see it from the athletes who actually wants to protect him… it is really hard on the coaches, the various organizations. Because they do have insane pressure to win. And.. I mean I really am grimacing when I write this, because many victims were children, but maybe sexual massages does improve physical abilities? I don’t know! I’m not a doctor… but hey, they did get gold medals right? If your livelihood depended upon it, would you really mess with it?? Maybe biting the nail and just toughing it out really is the best way to make a great athlete? I don’t know, I’m not an athlete or trainer. And to get in on the awesome physical exercise, you have to be part of this jock world–women jocks too.

(As an aside, I think Asians tend to believe mind and body spent on sex is mind and body not spent on exercise. Translate to science, for example, if the ATP went to convolution of muscles in the sex organ, that’s ATP taken away from tumbling or sticking landings)

(Also, another aside, I think most Americans believe that sexual proclivity improves everything in life, including sports. There’s this rumor that documentaries spread about the CIA encouraging sex between its agents… maybe the FBI believes the same? Maybe they feel that they knew for a fact that the sexual abuse was making these kids better? We will never know for sure what went into these decisions, but one can speculate… maybe because FBI/NAS or whoever else was monitoring these signals really believed that he a patriot serving the US of A? We have no visibility into these matters. And maybe somebody we elected ran an oversight committee to watch the clandestine organizations, but sorry, they failed miserably if they let FBI/NSA fail at alerting on this matter much earlier… unless our elected representatives also free sexual expression, even on kids, is the patriotic practice? In that case, IMHO, we have made bad very choices during elections. Coaches are just private citizens. They can commit crimes. When it happens on a large scale for decades to highly visible people, law enforcement has to take some of the responsibility.(and one wonders if the silence of FBI was an indication of knowledge of the matter?) Who claims to be responsible for ensuring domestic tranquility? This seems like a gross intranquillity to me! And because The USA Gymnastics represented the people of the nation, it was federal matter and within jurisdiction of federal law enforcement. A real red blooded American would have done something about that.)

(First, I need to disclaim that I am not a fan, member or a recruit of any communist, or socialist, political organizations. Hehe, you’d laugh if you knew which day I was writing this on… a little flash back. The president is in the middle of a trade dispute with China and has issued an ultimatum that he has the power to carry out. Last day, less than 24 hours before the tariff rises to 25% on all Chinese imports. The two parties are both on his back with various proceedings to discredit him. Like, my uncontrollable thoughts are that if these domestic politicians antagonize Trump enough that he can not recover. He can play this trump card and just fuck the world up. jesus fucking christ! Who’s going to chicken out? I can’t imagine Trump chickening out, and China has a dictator for life, he can outlast Trump to have the last laugh and we all know Chinese dictator-for-lifers would do what pleases themselves at the cost of their people’s lives–they’ve done it for many millenniums. Who will launch the first missile? Will anyone be around to read this blog entry? Hello? AI, please write some kinda words for me and my family…

Hey, what happened to privatized effectiveness? All those athletic companies depending on US elite athletes for branding and advertisements, all those companies paying money to these, or any American athletes, why didn’t they do their due diligence? Why didn’t they have private investigators making sure things are working out? There has to be something wrong with our capitalism if the force of money did not motivate sponsors of athletics to act to detect and prevent these transgressions. For so many years. I mean, for god sakes! Buy some fucking insurance and let the insurance companies figure that out–and that would have led to premium increases that would have made sponsoring these people and schools unprofitable. I mean, god, I am just falling to pieces watching this show. As I understood it, my comfortable American way of life is assured by these clandestine actors working in concert with the invisible hands of the market–something so bad cannot happen for decades on end! Oh my fucking God! How can this be? This is shaking my faith in all.)

Man. I used to think I knew what was right and wrong in the world… but now looking at this… one questions what is the goodness of right, if the right can not be had? If everyone in the whole fucking organization is like that and condones it and fears change, if the FBI bounces complaints, and if the USA national Olympic Committee cannot handle an issue when it got big,… what hope does any one person have?

Sure after decades, some one luck out and makes it all the way through the complaint. But, I mean, think of that girl, who’s dad finally committed suicide after realizing he wrongly disbelieved his daughter of sexual abuse complaints for a decade and shaming her about her complaints. That is total and utter destruction of a person and her family. Wow, what hideous crime.

How does our nation go on with any pride?

Many coaches may hold the believe that sport is just sport, it’s nothing greater than the exercise of the body. Yes, really, it’s all about techniques and how to physically perform better. Mental training is more for moving muscles better than for betterment of the mind.

But sports represent a pursuit of something idealistic to me: Citius, Altius, Fortious: Faster! Higher!! Stronger!!!

It is a pursuit of a spirit, the exercise of the body renders a likeness of a spirit that we love. I relay this experience to many…, and once more here. Once I saw an opposing club’s junior athletes compete in a speed competition. Sports unnamed to protect the interest of all involved… he really sucked at the sport, probably second time he’s ever done the distance. He struggles, and man, you would not believe how pathetic he looked, and his time was like twice as slow as the person ahead of him. And then… as he flailed his arms and legs, about to fall, his whole team, coaches, of all levels, his senior teammates who are very elite competitors.. his jock coach whose been screaming this whole competition at the top of her lungs like one of those menacing ancient barbarian warriors, … the people who competed against these people, and their coaches and parents,… they all quiet down and got together and cheered on this young boy, about to complete the very first race of his career… and everybody thought and felt the same loving support of this sport, keep going! Keep going!! Keep going!! And we all cheered him to the finish! Wow! That was such an uplifting moment… we were all standing, at the edge of the… field of race… and we were all cheering his big finish! And we were all overjoyed to see him succeed! It was as if we were all part of that success! We all won that one!! One of our own won!!

That is the sport!

That is winning!

Yes… I hear my own teams coach deriding me now… in my own head: “hey if that’s how you want to win, be my guest…, but if you swam on my team like that, you’d be gone in a second…”

I guess I’m failing at communicating what I love about the sports…. to the mini-coach in my own head.

Anyways… I hope to find the courage to redefine for myself what is right. To what length we should go towards what end. And how that can play out realistically.

What is the good of a right that cannot be? What is the evil of a wrong that must be?

The Unconscious Neutrality

Have you ever seen a baby giggling and forgot to figure out skin color, eye color, hair color and style, race, or even species?

Have you ever seen a pile of gold and forgot to ask to whom it belong to?

Have you ever seen great beauty in a person that you forgot to ask sex, length, girth or height?

Have you ever derived an algebraic formula or expression and just got stuck for an eternity admiring it, forgetting the fame and fortune it will bring you?

And of course there’s the fight-or-flight response. It seems to take over a lot more than just the mind when it is triggered.

There seem to be a certain class of sensual or conceptual awareness in human that escape various considerations that we have. This is a class of baser thought or feeling that supersedes other thoughts or feelings. They are like unix threads with -21 priority. The P0’s of your company. The invisible hand…

What is being emphasized here, to be sure, is that among these baser awarenesses, there are those that escape biases that our 21st century human society perceive to be irrational, irresponsible, immoral, or otherwise bad. The much jeered “unconscious bias,” if you will, has a a corresponding set of “unconscious neutrality” that pretty much ignores those “unconscious biases.”

The details of how the neutrality continue to exist, how they came to be, and how to use or defeat them, may be as elusive as the same of the biases. But one wonders if there are correspondences between the neutrality and biases like mountains and peaks, or if they play zero sum game with each other. Are there gradations or is it binary which wins? How do two biases or two neutralities interact? Are they universal among Homo sapiens?

Our minds are so interesting…

The Love of Mammalian Reproduction

Hehehe, can’t help but giggle at this… the topic will be replaced with music or baseball later. Thinking back to Harari v. Li, the talk was pretty raw as they were presented with live questions by a moderator. Questions selected by popular vote via phone app. Part of the discussion that wasn’t flushed out fully was how Mammalian Love relates with human Soul, or some other thing that is human and not reproducible and replaceable by machine.

The unanswered question was what if an AI became better at Love than you the human? Some may argue that in the Mammalian sense it has–in the Mammalian reproductive sense.

Okay, after my friends stops giggling inside, we changed it to “enjoyment of music.” What if an AI became better than you at enjoying music?

As a music listener, you may be displaced by god or the performer for being lesser listeners. Practically, if you think it through, the observable manifestations will be your clapping, gasps, laughter,…, economically it will be your demand and subsequent payment for the ticket…, an AI could do all these better from the human performers perspective.

Whether an AI can do it better than you from God’s perspective is unclear at the moment. I think both Harari and Li will tell you that that question does not merit an answer or an effort to answer. (I am unconvinced by them of that. But that’s just me)

But seriously, can the human performer be inclined to select robots for an audience because they are better audiences? Or perhaps because they pay more?

Okay, fine, let’s drop the act and ask the deed: Will human Mammalian reproduction cease because we each individually and as a society find human love in the sense of Mammalian reproduction to be lesser than a Robot performing the same love? Tautological argument that Robot by definition is not Mammalian so reproduction and love are irrelevant can be made. But seriously though, ‘bots f’s better, and they can’t forget birthdays, anniversaries, toilet seats, and they can’t get wrinkles, and have performance issues…, they can’t be violent domestically, they can be made uncaring as to your aging and ailments,…. the advantages are many.

What if AI invents time travel? Would Beethoven and Mozart prefer a robot audience?

What if Hitlers decided to exterminate AI instead of Jews?

Oh wow! Time travel and GAI although are still science fictional, they do indeed stir deep and confusing thoughts in my Mammalian brain which is considerably blown.


Ps, wow, all this new scientific knowledge and concepts buzzing in my head, I’m starting to think that the cup used to drink hot beverage such as tea or coffee affects the taste of the beverage in part due to the flow of air in and out of your mouth as you take the drink. Different shapes of cup will produce a different air flow, some of it wets your mouth or tongue or teeth or throat, other flow serves to dry out parts of your mouth, producing a new contrast as the tea touches your mouth. Man…. maybe there isn’t a soul in human after all like there is no magic in the infamously magical tea cups?

Pps sorry if this is kind of boring blog… if I had Constance Wu for daughter, given my creativity, I might have named her ‘Const Chang’ or worse ‘Const * Chang’ or get fancy ‘Const ** Chang’ thank god she had her parents instead of me that her stars are in the right places… prayers for my children please…