Designated Survivor s3e7

Agent Wells is gone. Since I just watched NCIS season 3, I wonder if this show is taking a play out of that very long running show–kill of important beautiful female characters in unexpectedly sudden and violet deaths. I’m still somewhat recovering from the horrific death of agent Todd…, and the horrific death of the Survivors First Lady in a fiery car accident, and now Wells goes down in a fog of nerve agent…. wow, what they’d do for ratings and longevity.

Anyways, FAMX 1.25X.

I can’t help but wonder, now back in “the reality” world, if all this Twitter+Tariff diplomacy are red hearings for some legal/political/international shuffling to get in front of CRISPR and AI? Mark my blog, when the dust settles, there will be some new solid laws/checks-and-balances to restrict those.

E7 1.35X

E8 1.3X

These tv shows are such caricatures. Moss had a base that would vote for him even if he paid for genocidal eugenic research, and then planned to carry out the sterilization of non-Zenitel people. I mean… is that what we think of America?… ouch.

White people should not be demonized for trying to keep their way of life. If they fear, it is only human. This type and polar caricature is very divisive and counterproductive IMHO. It provokes hate for white people.

Demonizing white people is so easy. I mean, look at my experience with a lot of kids classes. If I ask my child to work harder, I get glares and disapproving looks from white parents. The teachers will intentionally say extra words of “it’s okay, that’s great. Whatever you are and whatever you do, that’s great to me the teacher” to my child, somehow to undo a wrong I, am Asian parent, and I this particular parent, have done to her. The race based differential treatment is cultural. When everyone and every class does that, my efforts to raise my child into a happy successful person that I’m sure all parents want for their child. Sure, my experience may be unique since my neighboring city of Palo Alto had student suicide cluster numbering into teens per year for several years. But what was a really nice thing these white parents are trying to do–save my child from suicide–comes out as “we hate Asian parents, they are shitiest shits anyone ever laid their eyes on and should never ever be allowed to express any desire or give guidance to their children.” Really, that’s literally what I felt for many years. Even today, Asian parents would come to me and say “oh, I just want the most menial job for my children, as long as they can stay afloat, that’s great!” That’s one Asian parent with battered and destroyed soul. I can’t know what condition my child-rearing soul is in, but I venture that it isn’t that far from her’s today.

And it’s all because of white people’s cultural attack on us.

Don’t believe me? Look at what Harvard does in its admission process. Asians just does have that mojolicious vibe that other races have. White people who has power will want to keep it, just like Moss’s Republican Party in DS.

But of course, all this can also be viewed as: there are just more talented parents than myself. There are still a lot really successful minorities here. Demonizing white Americans in the mind is easy, undemonizing them is a different story.

E9 2X

E10 1.875X

So many spy shows on TV, hacks, Virus and trojan, that snooping on phone seems like normal play in politics. But it turns out that there are laws protecting presidential candidates from domestic espionage… Their ability to keep secret/private some information seems an important component of our democracy. So strong these laws are that they can cause impeachment of president, Nixon for example. (Incidentally, it seems human reproductive success/rate/pattern is considered vital to a functioning democracy by this show. This is refreshing, but it kind of exposes the likes of AAPL, GOOG, FB, SNAP, MTCH, eHarmony, etc., for anti-American activity in arranging socialization and eventual reproductions…) I wonder if we can find a foundation for privacy preservation on its function as part of our democratic process. This has the advantage of having existing precedence and also not requiring consensus as to the privacy human right.

Season 4: Impeachment. Great.

Yang 2020 in SF

I just attended Andrew Yang’s presidential run kickoff meeting at the Impact Hub. It is either due to my stupidity or devine intervention that I went South West from 16th and Mission street Bart station in an attempt to reach the meeting place. I felt like I walked through a third world country. Every other storefront is jagged with halted construction, rusted and twisted metal gates, marijuana, street vendors selling Latino music CD’s (what?) Wrist watches and socket wrenches(what?) …. Then I turned around at the Armory realizing I went three blocks in the wrong direction. Wow…. I feel pampered never having experienced this side of San Francisco in the decade I’ve worked here.

Andrew Yang is running for president of the United States in 2020 as a Democrat. He is running on the slogan of Humanity First and proposed to introduce unviersal basic income (UBI) for American Citizens.

The Likable

He and I both great up on the east coast.

American educated American born American. Chinese American means good records keeping–won’t be wasting time on finding that darn birth certificate. He has good protestant work ethics–thats as best as I can imagine to describe the trait. It is remarkable that he is proud of his dad’s prolificity at IBM and GE. It shows an American success at assimilating and integrating family of Asian culture. I brag about my dad’s work all the chances I get too. He’s charismatic, has two sons and beautiful wife. Very nice!! Entrenpenurer, lawyer, very respectable. He is a rare breed of politicians who is both willing and able to express agreement with both Trump and Hilary Clinton on very large issues. That’s honesty and nonpartisanship. He seems very knowledgeable, drawing on Napoleon for Strategy and Summarian political mechanisms for Asian culture, being able to take lesson from past deeds by oneself or others is considered a great attribute. He watches American TV and movies as all Red-blooded Americans do and can communicate very complex societal structure and dynamics effectively using TV show plot contrivances and their memes. He has a data science or quantitative mind. For example he talks about Administrator-to-student ratio at colleges as an improvable metric. It is nice to hear some one talk about incontrovertiblelly measurable metrics when they talk policy. Very very nice.

The Economics and Policies

The UBI is to be covered by a new VAT to be leveed on American companies. Avery time American company adds value to material by transforming or combining it to make a product, the Value-Added is Taxed. The monies goes to American people $1000 per capita. The VAT will be less than European countries’ national VAT. (VAT can be a very interesting subject by itself without UBI)

His Economic theory needs exposition. Hopefully his book will disclose it well. He processes his fear of the dark side of human nature as the biggest problem UI will face. A person would join a local artisanal backery more freely because making a living is no longer a problem. But he could also buy drugs or guns with that money. He argued that UBI is pro-capitalistic in an interesting way.

Also, he is able to establish that UBI is not socialism or communism–those seem to require a greater degree of control of means of production by government than merely establishing UBI.

The Questionable

His message was oriented towards younger crowd tonight, and also… maybe hippies? San Franciscans, however, didn’t seem to appreciate it. There was a lot of questions about his basic premises, is UBI realistic, etc. We didn’t even get to the tougher debate questions like lack of: leadership experience in large organizations, military experience, foreign policy, diplomacy, clarity of his stance on the China-Taiwan Strait, and the Middle East. What about Obama care? What about the how of undoing Trump? These ought to be answered as the campaign continues.

One important question might be whether he is too smart to be the president? That’s a tough thing for me to say given the likables above. I don’t know that America voters wants a smart president–I certainly cannot imagine anyone really liking a super smart Asian kid who kicked your ass on the SAT and LSAT…, and then started a school to train kids to beat your kids at the same tests… I think Americans like to be the smart ones. I’m not sure Andrew can navigate this subtlety all the way to presidency… yet.

Also he might want to work on his euphorisms a bit. He stumbled while trying to express the condition of uncomfortable poverty when not employed… inelegantly… Other things like placing some unreasonable oppositions at a pole of the intelligence spectrum… Private citizens and holder of other jobs can do that but a presidential candidate cannot. IMMHO.

The question is then : will he be ready by 2020?

I wouldn’t be upset if he doesn’t prevail untill 2024.

Trump… May still have interesting things up his sleeves. I’m still cheering for that wall that Mexical pays for(like how China is paying for the tax cut). It’ll generate electricity using the sun light from the Mexican air space, and it justifies development of massive autonomous drone patroling system to protect the expensive equipment… or just really tall walls.. Amongst other things. There’s still a lot of interesting stuff in the Trump plan… and you sure as heck cannot change horse mid-race, right? That’d be like changing a jet engine mid-flight…


and finally, while I want monthly free money and will end up voting for him if he makes it to the primary, I fear that I do so knowing he will lose. I am a huge wimp when it comes to these things. I don’t recall the exact post where I argue that white Europeans descendants should be leaders of the world because no other race has demonstrated they are able to lead the world to present day prosperity. Unconscious bias or not, I have never seen an Asian-American business or technology leader that inspired confidence and trust in me as many white European descended leaders do, no matter how successful they are–Yang is no exception, something always seems not right when they lead, maybe it’s the bone structure affecting the swagger? Maybe it’s the rate of blink? There is an inexplicable uncanny valley that must be overcome.

In similar thinking, I fear UBI may cause social instability in America. Those truckers who without UBI have to spend all their time looking for work and scraping together a living, will instead, under UBI, have the leisure of organizing protests and revolts. Why wouldn’t they? They should get two grand a month instead of one right? There’s some merits to all that communism craze–if you give free money or service to all people for free, you better be able to control what they produce very carefully. Without that control, there is no guarantee that the good will happen–unless you are an optimist and humanist and have faith that the good grace of god shall transpire–all at once.

I guess if there’re enough people with those believes, it could work…

Let’s see what Yang makes it in 2020.

So… is there a deal under the table?

A disturbing image of Trump and Liu shaking under the table from WSJ front page article. Is there something going on that we don’t know about? What’s happening under the table?

Interestingly here’s the candidates for the EU election of EU Parliament for the Eastern Region… all that’s fun and joyous in politics today: