Rethinking Liberalism


You must have read my older posts about how one wrong doesn’t make another wrong more wrong when comparing the conservatives and liberals in America. Or the one about it being fair for feminism to have to battle for survival–civilly. Or the one about …, it’s a miracle you’re still reading this.

One thought does occur though–individual liberties are great thing to have. While I still convulsively object to radical liberalism like those who insist, on the basis of human rights, that prepubescent kids must be exposed, daily, to sexuality, reproductive or otherwise, forcibly, by changing bathroom policies at public schools, and although I also do not trust pubescent kids in bathroom with physically opposite sexed peers, I have come to appreciate the fruit of their liberal predecessors’ labor. (Oh, well, that’s still radical to me in 2019, maybe not so radical to many before then. Politicians are still apologizing for having had feelings about their children’s sexuality in news papers in this age in time) (ahh, and if the liberal politicians are thinking it will be solved with technologies like individually lockable privacy stalls, or a pill I can take so I don’t have to visit the bathroom, I am all for a technical solution too… But you should communicate that political agenda) I mean, literally, this is Thanos v. Avengers here trying to create universal harmony…

Modern parenting thought seem to suggest that we shouldn’t pigeonhole a child into any specific role in society. This is a far kinder approach than atrocities like foot binding that Chinese parents put on their daughters–a physical mutilation to make them more suitable wives. That biased child rearing is of course not just in the physical, daughters also tend not to receive very good education, and maybe some daughters are singly chosen at early age to be conditioned to serve, etc. “Equal Opportunity” and “equality of sex” is unthought of.

Breaking with traditional mores is hard. All of us have thousands… tens of thousands of years of built-in habits and biases in our culture. It’s not just those who claim to have thousands of years of cultural tradition that actually have cultural traditions. Everyone has culture in them. All of us are raised in society of people, even parentless people are social creatures of our time. Our ancestors killed each other for food or sports, they ate raw meat and maybe even cats, dogs and babies. We all come from the same evolutionary savagery.

But it is important to be liberal. It frees humanity in unimagined ways.

But it is important to sustain our cultures, they survive because they helped humanity survive. They knows more than any single person or even a group of smart people gathered in a room.

It is possible that no one really thought everything through. If this was the case, then we are back at one wrong is no more wrong another wrong.

I hope politicians can improve their communication, perhaps through use of technology, and really tell us if they’ve thought it through or if they are winging it based on their cultural knowledge, or if they’re just winging it on their faith, or if they’re just winging it not believing their work will work.

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