The Unconscious Neutrality

Have you ever seen a baby giggling and forgot to figure out skin color, eye color, hair color and style, race, or even species?

Have you ever seen a pile of gold and forgot to ask to whom it belong to?

Have you ever seen great beauty in a person that you forgot to ask sex, length, girth or height?

Have you ever derived an algebraic formula or expression and just got stuck for an eternity admiring it, forgetting the fame and fortune it will bring you?

And of course there’s the fight-or-flight response. It seems to take over a lot more than just the mind when it is triggered.

There seem to be a certain class of sensual or conceptual awareness in human that escape various considerations that we have. This is a class of baser thought or feeling that supersedes other thoughts or feelings. They are like unix threads with -21 priority. The P0’s of your company. The invisible hand…

What is being emphasized here, to be sure, is that among these baser awarenesses, there are those that escape biases that our 21st century human society perceive to be irrational, irresponsible, immoral, or otherwise bad. The much jeered “unconscious bias,” if you will, has a a corresponding set of “unconscious neutrality” that pretty much ignores those “unconscious biases.”

The details of how the neutrality continue to exist, how they came to be, and how to use or defeat them, may be as elusive as the same of the biases. But one wonders if there are correspondences between the neutrality and biases like mountains and peaks, or if they play zero sum game with each other. Are there gradations or is it binary which wins? How do two biases or two neutralities interact? Are they universal among Homo sapiens?

Our minds are so interesting…

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