privacy win

It would appear that renewal of the Patriot Act failed to pass in the house of rep’s. This seems like a big win for the peoples of the United States.

But the truth remains, that many people believe the “American way of life” still require this kind of invasion of privacy. The house missed passing the renewal by only 7 votes.
I seem to feel a great number of voices cried out in pain and then silenced… (Obi-wan about start destroyer blowing up a star)
I wonder if this is also a win for terrorists ? I feel selfish and foolish for wanting monitoring and hacking of my computers to end, but somehow, there is fear in me that Bush jr. and the American Government that passed the original act may have been wise, and that not having it will actually cause a net decrease in quality of life here in the USA…
alas, only time will tell, and for now, I think it’s a change for the better…

anger management…

I took my Dad hiking this past weekend. To be precise, we hiked Mission Peak from 1pm to 6pm February 5th, 2011. This was still a period of celebration for all Chinese people as part of a multi-millennial tradition in China.

We got yelled at by a state ranger for stepping on some grass that we were not supposed to step on. This person of unidentifiable genetic heritage, took a truck, half way up the mountain, got out in his skin tight spandex bike shorts and proceeded to yell at us for the next 5 minutes saying:

“is this old man your father? Well, if he is then he sure didn’t teach you very well to be a good person.. You stepping on that grass is like you walking into those people’s backyard (pointing at some expensive mansions near the trail)”

Well, he insulted my father by saying he is old. Then he insulted me by insulting my father and saying that he didn’t teach me well–a Chinese insult.

I looked at him, up an down, carefully. His face shows that he is an adult, however his eagerness to insult us using a Chinese insult, during Chinese new years celebration, over a very minor matter, which he could have equally well stated in a much more calm voice, indicates to me that he is a new recruit into the ranger service. His insults of parents, the tone reminds me of hazing shown in military school, an insult surely foreign to the speaker, is given for the express purpose of insulting us.

Actually, the same thing happened to me a few days early. A coworker yelled at me for very little reason that made a lot of people very uncomfortable, and indeed embarrassed me the most because the people who I cared about was right by my side when this happened. I was made to look very bad.

This was one of the reasons why a resolution was passed to address that half of the problem. A second consideration, now that I’ve seen additional insults, is the consideration of karma.

Have I caused some one, in some way, a great deal of annoyance? discomfort? anger? hatred? that has ben pent up for a long time such that it is released so rapidly and with very very little supporting context to justify such explosive outburst…

I feel that I must have done something wrong along the way some where that is making all this happen.

What ever it was, I hope there is something out there that can help me ameliorate for it. Because I don’t like to be yelled at, and I don’t know what will happen next time, when pent up rage is released, I mean, maybe next time he’ll pull out a baton and wack my dad over the head with it, and his partner (driver of that truck) will come and run us over with his rusty old truck. They might go to jail, but that does not pay for the damage that they will have done unto us. Or worse, maybe next time I will strike the offender? My hands, which are so weak and feeble will surely crumple in a furious clash of rage…

fingers crossed,
wood knocked,
and big smile on the face… tomorrow is going to be a better day…

happy thoughts….

I feel pretty,
Oh, so pretty,
I feel pretty and witty and bright!
And I pity
Any guy who isn’t me tonight…


Huan’s Chinese New Year Resolution

Whereas, the person named Huan Chang is of mature age and suitable economic disposition for marriage in this tenth year of the 21st century, CE, and has continued to express interest in the opposite sex, and therefore heterosexual; and

whereas, Huan has sought the companionship of females of suitable age and interest by means of spoken and written language, gifts, manipulation of friends, physical display, and all but groveling on his knees; and

whereas, these attempts to gain any, committed, continuing, and lasting affection of the said suitable female humans have failed in spectacularly public display of explosive and violent rejections by each of these female humans; and

whereas, the public rejection are displayed without regard to normal decorum, in presence of coworkers, friends, family, and any other potentially suitable human females; and

whereas, these public rejections are displayed without regards to Huan’s feelings, reputation and credibility; and

whereas, Huan is devastated, desperate, and on the verge of insanity; and

whereas, the last of these rejections happen on the last day of the nineth year of the 21st century, CE.

Therefore, be it resolved by Huan, who is of sound mind and able body, that additional intelligent, persistent and concerted efforts shall be made by himself to secure a wife in the tenth year of 21st century, CE, 庚寅兔年; and be it further

resolved that Huan shall allocate at least one hour of time each week day, no less than 10 hours each week to be spent on securing a wife; and be it further

resolved that Huan hsall allocate at least 45 minutes of time each weekday, no less than 8 hours a week to be spent on improving the health and appearance of his body in order to secure a wife; and be it further

resolved that Huan shall reserve at least 15% of post tax salary, to be put into an account reserved for the purpose of securing a wife; and be it further

resolved that Huan shall seek professional help, either from psychiatrist, medical doctors, professional life coaches, professional dating coaches, lawyers, professional conman, or any other legal aid, and any combinations of the above, without regards to cultural restrictions and personal insecurities, to secure a wife; and be it further

resolved that Huan shall secure a wife, without regards to approval or disapproval of his parents; and

resolved that Huan shall secure a wife, without regards to approval or disapproval of his peers, coworkers, bosses, and ex-girlfriends; and be it further

resolved that Huan shall secure a wife, without regards to her appearance, income, race, age, creed, religion or sexual preference; and be it further

resolved that Huan shall make all attempts to gain understanding, trust, cooperation, and control of all and any female human being of Chinese origin, such that no such explosive, uncontrollable, public humiliation as he and his the exploding female counter part has experienced during 2010, CE, shall happen without his personal foreknowledge or permission; and be it further

resolved that Huan shall make this resolution available to public viewing.

Lina’s second place

Watched the final game of the Austrilian Open recently. Lina versus Kim Cjk.

Second and Third set was a real bummer. It’s like the announcer said, it’s sad to see the fans, the flash photography get to her in a big game like this.

Some two decades ago, the Chinese analysts will have blamed Lina’s loss on her lack of nutrition, comparing to her gigantic arms and legs, surely late into second and third set, Lina ran out of steam.
But it’s two decades later, and I’m sure it’s not nutrition. So let’s go with western analysis, that she is inexperienced. Personally, I think she is not sufficiently detached from her home country’s politics. She tried to, exclaiming to the referee to “Tell the Chinese to stop teaching me how to play tennis.” Something that any Chinese not causing her to miss shots might find offensive out of context. However, I can totally understand her. It’s something she has to do in order to achieve the individualism that she aim to achieve, “I play for my self” she says, proudly. It breaks with widely misunderstood Chinese traditions. And the occasional counterintuitive necessity of breaking with supporters in order to progress.

Also, did anybody else notice that awkward and embarrassing sweat spots on Kim’s chest ??!! omg! Is that milk seeping out? I cannot, I simply cannot remove my eyes from those expanding wet spots around her nipples that eventually join together and covers her whole torso. God!!!! that should be illegal, as should her jersey, which is various colors of green–green being the color of the tennis ball.

Overall, I guess her individual achievements are commendable. I might not stay up to watch another one of her games until she gets to final again, but I would watcher her again in finals, despite my current frustration with the apparent reasons for her loss of the grand slam title…..

misc links

this link on Cnn explains some Chinese customs. Many of these I just learned about.

this video takes a very extreme approach to sales. It talks about how the world is about to break down, and that there will be mass riot and social disorder in the United States. Scary, considering what’s happening in Egypt, recently… Fun to watch, if not in the least informative.