Permanent record

I would rate this FAMX.1, I’m sure I will achieve that in the limit…

Been blasting through Snowden’s book on audible. I have to say that my previous misgivings about lack of opportunity to achieve greatness like Snowden is completely wrong. The first two or three chapters reads like my childhood, minus the link to the Mayflower and familial connection to the military. I mean, down to the publications and games that I were exposed to growing up in Pennsylvania, just north of Maryland where he grew up. I can find my own stupid posts on the internet made from a dial-up BBS too! Many this book speaks to me in so many tones, and some of it sound like myself explaining things.

Anyways, one revelation is particularly interesting. It seems that almost all recruiting agencies are run by American spoooks! This explains so many well timed emails that can float above all the spam, that one came when your fat finger accidentally hit the wrong button and traded 10 TSLA options the wrong direction instead of 1(can a finger really be that fat?) twice, or that LinkedIn alert that pop just as you find the stupidest and most embarrassing bug in your own side hustle code(or main project at work), or that email offering of a good package when you have a particularly intolerable rash without insurance, that email that come when you experience domestic strife at the worst!

THIS is WHY! They, the recruiters, have special access to “the system” the likes of post-911 Snowden built! Of course they know exactly when you are vulnerable! That’s what the spy’s computer systems were made for, finding people’s weaknesses. The fact that these consultants take advantage of the system to target you when you are most vulnerable so they can make commission is a little bit annoying—mainly you kind of are now perpetually embarrassed at everything you do, because you know they are watching! Peed your pants? Hit your child? Hit another car and drove away? Omg, the things that can happen when no one is looking.

Of course, I shouldn’t complain, almost all my jobs in the last few decades were from recruiters. Kept me busy. But for people who knows my work history, the profitability of those jobs were not as much as the jobs that did not come from recruiter. But I don’t want to sound ungrateful. They do serve a purpose and especially in your time of need. One has to get over the way it all happens and who now can see everything you do.

So true

You know, for all the reasons Americans hate president Trump, he does give some of the best public deliveries. I saw this snippet from a Quora article about math education

Sooo true

And I saw Trump say “this is sooo true…” in that voice of his. “sooo true, so much play, what a great country!”

😂, well, and then 😭,and😭.

A generation of greats

Covid-19 is forcing almost all parents to spend all day with their kids… in all human knowledge, it seems parents presence and attention is one of the best ways to guarantee a good upbringing.

I guess this is going to be one really kick ass generation of kids! We may even cal it the C-gen for covid-19 generation… these kids who benefit from 24 hours of biparental rearing are going to come out great! I can feel it! Humanity is greater and it’s future is brighter because of covid-19!

And no, snarky commentators, I’ve not gone insane from spending a lot of time with my kids.

Chinese Funnies

Americans may not understand why so many people wants to come to America. For those of you who, who fee like India felt when it banned several dozen Chinese apps, that al things Made in China are just evil, just imagine how Chinese people in China feels! Everything they buy are made in China!

So, imagine that and this following conversation ensued with Chinese-American parents recently:

P: the garbage bags you bought have disintegrated into small pieces about 1” in diameter. Did you buy fake garbage bags to save money?

S: uhhh, no! Those are bio-decomposable bags.

P: so they are not fake?

S: nope, you Americans all think alike, just because I was born in China doesn’t mean my stuff are all fake! In fact I’m so genuine, even when the stuff I prepare for you rot, they are still the real thing!

P: ~ (晕了)

Anyways, hopefully all this Chinese fear-hate-doubt (or fud) will wash away with the tide of time, may there be a happier time for us Chinese-Americans in the future.