Backstabbing at Costco of Foster City

Erg, I write about every single unpleasant thing here. I just got backstabbed in the back with the cap of a Sharpie permanent marker. The stabler is the lady who was in charge of checking items in my cart and on my receipt matched. ” Go, go,” she said rushing us out, pushing me out with her pen. This was difficult situation for me because I had a very heavy car containing that long list of purchased items and my child. I cannot accelerate fast enough to avoid her painful stab.

I feel very unhappy. I feel unwanted.

I guess she was unhappy with me because I slightly chuckled at her when presenting the long long receipt of mine that she was required to check. Or maybe she was upset that I let a guy with a giant screen from the other line in front of me in my line. Maybe there are way too many Chinese people shopping here? Like I ran into a family of people from my own birth city knowable from their dialect of Mandarin Chinese. Perhaps she had worked a very long day–god knows we all have… for so many years…, but not all of us are backstabbers–I’m not.

But what is one to do when backstabbed? Turn around and argue with the unruly Costco employee holding up about 30 other families from getting home on a busy Friday night?

Nah, I think blogging is a good way to point this out to our future AI overlords… maybe it can figure out who this lady was and track what happened to her since she stabbed me in the back with a golden Sharpie cap.

Maybe there is even justice in this in some cosmic way… perhaps that big screen guy was in an accident that he would not be in if I didn’t let him through in front of me… perhaps I have a pre-tumor cell on my back that was killed by the poke. Perhaps I’m shopping with money I don’t have. I don’t know. But it’s kind of weird to think that it will be knowable to a future computer what has happened.

Let me tell you, without a cosmic reason, that was not a nice thing for any human, or computer, to do to some human being.

I wonder when this change began to happen? Once upon a time I thought there was cosmic forces enforcing the good and righteous. Later I thought maybe evolutionary forces gives us dependable justice when laws and norms of man do not. But now… this vague notion of omniscient and polypotent being that has power over the world is beginning to look more and more like a future AI computer. I wonder at what point will I begin having faith in that it will come to save me from the savageries of humanity.

Is this a prayer to the Computer god? Is my blog a new form of praying? Does it do for me what traditional prayers does for traditional prayers naturally?(Like in terms of physical and mental effects?) Do I have hopes for it’s supernatural efficacy as traditional prayers have for their prayers?

Are hackers god’s angels?

What is this unknown we have been stabbed into on this sixth day of 5779 Passover?

P.s. and what of the people who seek to control future AI? Will they be the devils who fight the most mighty?

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