Atlas Shrugged – The Movie

Is it my impression or is it that Dagny’s “Galt” Sounds like “gout” ??! sigh… what pain to have a name like that…

So… I guess Objectivism, (third time is the charm for me I suppose), is about heros and their individual achievement; It is about not supporting universal health care; It is about small government; It is about ruggedly handsome super-wasp having a great time with another quite stunning super-wasp while saving the world from complete chaos.

The blue Rearden Steal tracks! wow. I literally felt the smoothness of that train ride at 250 mph! Yeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaah!!!! take that China and Germany and Japan! and France, and .. and.. the falling mid-east… We have American Steal!! and American Engines!!!

wohooo!!!!! I feel so high right now! I am tempted to look up the objectivist group here and …


wait…. (hmm, as I type this… my high is interrupted 😦

What should I, a non-wasp, fat, underachieving, poor, single, (and single child), immigrant do? I’ll probably be the scum that broke the union lines and drove for those who “carry the rest”…

This is such a dilemma for me. I want to be a hero! I want to be that ruggedly handsome guy that makes the world work, and I want to attract a matching beauty who also makes her world work, AND GET THIS, she is a engineering major!!

(And I have to admit, quite bashfully that I “read” this book for extra credit in high school but don’t actually know what the outcome is… sigh, bad memory is such blessing curse)

so… I’m sure in due time, I will find out that feminine beauty, masculine forms, individual achievements and hot sex, may not be the central theme of objectivism. But, for now, and ignoring racial issues, I am liking Rand’s portrayal of not only a world falling apart, but also a world containing elements (individuals, heros, in this case) that can bring positive change, elements that are succeeding despite mounting adversity from commoners whom these elements are here to save.

Btw, who is John Galt?

Ohh, and Happy Easter, and Mazel tov about passover. Is it normal for these two holidays to overlap?

wixel? waxel? or woxel?

Hrm, so I read that blog entry of mine from that lonesome friday night. It seems the word “voxel” comes from combination of volume and pi-xel. If I followed this convention, then we should be using the word “waxel” for wa-ll+pi-xel, pronounced wax-sel.

So regarding the output of waxels, I realized a bit later into that night that it’s a little bit more complicated than that. In computer CG ray tracing, typically we trace a single beam of light that does not increase in width as it travels. It’s like a laser beam. Now, we can make a naive assumption that our waxel projectors swiveling around on a universal joint (or some other mechanism for achieving the same effect) emits light that does not diffuse, OR we could just call it a laser beam.
The slight problem with laser beam is that it may harm eyes, and the color is difficult to control. (I think the lasers today are fixed color… so we’d have to have three lasers (RGB) on each projector, projecting from the same point vertically outward.
Well, alternatively, the user of this immersive visualization and entertainment system can simply wear a polarized contact lens. In fact, even today’s movie theaters can hand out polarized lens for 3d viewers who can tolerate contact lenses.
Next problem will be an averaging algorithm to generate an image in the person’s eye when there are more than one object in the sphere.