patient zero in our house

It was the first human virus to have been discovered that transmits over the web. When the disease broke out, she became curious and read all about it. She discussed with her social networks, even foreign ones like WeChat… and finally one day, as she read the symptoms again, she felt it in her own body. A few days later, she is diagnosed with the disease that just broke out from half way around the world. After many months of investigation, before her deathbed, the doctor informed her that beyond scientific doubt, she contracted this virus over the internet. She is patient zero and killed a lot of people around her from her exposure OVER THE INTERNET!!!!!!

(If you cant imagine this, you obviously don’t have any close family member who is addicted to social media from the internet.)

Picard S1E1

Omg, thank god we’re back on earth again. I mean, okay, he’s a nonagenarian, but all the action and fast context switches from dream to reality to dream and back and to space… it doesn’t feel to fast for me. Unlike on Discovery where getting a burger seems to fast to absorb. I can finally understand a Star Trek episode. Picard is a powerful character not only in the actor who brings him alive, but also the psychic embodiment of an ideal that thrives in Trekies minds. What he says resonates, it motivates and perpetuates the story.

I would have preferred a more lit Enterprise D like every time we’ve seen it in TNG. It would have been nice to have a bigger moment of nostalgia.

They come in a pair? Can anybody say GAN? Maybe the neural nets has to be trained side by side, in some sense Data and Lore seemed like opposites because they had been used to create one another in coevolutionary artificial maturation. They had to have each other for either to become sophisticated. Wow, that’s really pretty cool!

I feel sad that Dahji just dies like that… I mean if they’re sentient, that’s like a really life that was lost there. The existence of Soji does not console a mind full of star fleet values… values for life.

This is an awesome start. I am looking forward to next Thursday… heh, they even put it on Thursday’s. That’s the same weekday I looked forward to every week in the early 90’s.

FAMX 0.2 (Actually watched it five times.)

The impeachment

So, Trumps legal team just responded to the impeachment and denies breaking any laws.

Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine, stating that it is so until Ukraine investigates Biden. Biden happens to be son of Trumps biggest competitor with most hope to earn nomination to run against trump in 2020. Trump refused to cooperate with investigation of this negotiation with Ukraine.

So, suppose Hitler was an American with Trump as president. Nobody would question him for trading military strategic dealings for that foreign country to find evidence of Hitlers bad acts. I guess my feeling is that this type of executive action can be justifiable. Just because Hitler is a political opponent of Trump, doesn’t mean he can’t break laws or be evil. Also, since the action is military related, it seems also plausible that its secrecy has strategic value–for the country. The complexity of the problem arise in that we, ordinary civilians, are not privy to the entire scope of global military affairs. We don’t really know the direct or indirect effects the withholding of aid has on our allies and global geopolitics. I mean, it may even have been a ruse to delay the aid for some other reason that we are still not aware of.

I guess it would be simpler if we knew whether the Bidens were Hitlers. That doesn’t excuse a political act on Trump’s part, but at least it’s hard to demonstrate damages when you successfully investigates Hitler. Another matter is universality. It seems conceivable that if we read all of Trumps briefings and found there were similar evidence for a Republican citizen Hitler with similarly suspicious offenses as Biden, and he did not act to incite foreign investigation of the Republican Hitler, then clearly he acted against the country driven by political motivations.

But one has to argue to the Republican response brief that if Trump is allowed to perform clearly politics motivated acts using power of his office, Congress is equally allowed exercise its power to impeach despite appearances of politics-based motivations.

And honestly, the more important point is what trump responded to these… Everyone on the hill does this kind of dealings. I mean seriously, if they are all doing it, we should impeach trump and then make each of them pay for not acting in the interest of America.

I guess there’s the conundrum. If they are all doing it, Trump will be held innocent, due to Senators’ own self serving politics.