DSC S2 Finale

Well, a lot of what I complained about got a lot better. And again, I wish my brain can move fast enough to absorb all the action, filter out the bewilderingly large number of tiny specks and feel the great wonder and joy about a future that is eleven centuries from now, awaiting the crew.

I don’t care about canon that much. So that part doesn’t amaze me. But the shaven Spock does really walk and move and not show emotion like Nimoy’s Spock, kudos!

I watched another episode of TOS. Dudes! I don’t know who came up with mocking Shatner’s speech pattern, but honestly, I much prefer enunciated speech from a leader than mumbles and slurs that we have on Discovery.

The CG/model that they used for remastered TOS still has a perspective problem that the ship’s yaw and pitch are not completely synchronized with its size as it orbits a planet. But because they used a single-light source on this model or CG, and the light moves across the saucer of the enterprise as it cruises by, it conveys a serene realism. The same can be said for TOS, DS9 and Voyager but not Discovery.

Now, real space battle may really be like those portrayed in Discovery S2–like, literally, if an AI take over our faster-than-speed starships, that the fight would be a big blob of flashes and tiny specks… and perhaps in space, where there are a lot equally distant stars, it is unreasonable to expect a point light source illuminating the vessels. But I miss seeing things I’m familiar with… I wonder if this is going to be a problem with astronaut on long space flights? Will their sense of what’s real change? Will they find it horrifying to see sharp shadows after many decades spent in a ship with shadowless lighting and no stars nearby?

But in terms of story telling, I’m not sure what to take from it. We know things will turn great again for the prime universe… knowing the mess is temporary really makes it hard to have the desired emotional response to the misery. Do we care about the camaraderie between Klingons and Federation? (No, but today is a good day to die seem to resonate strongly, thanks solely to Wolf imho(yes many have said it, but Wolf says it best… with meaning human understands))

Michelle Yeoh, of course is a veteran action movie star. The fights were great. The smiles and frowns are great. The grunts are very unique. And her struggle and triumph over Leland is very believable and very… very Trekkie. A good combination of individual effort, in a maelstrom of greater conflict between greater bodies, intelligence, determination, perseverance and last and never the least, using technology… and a few last key strokes on the computer, with follow through with physical effort and the effect-success! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Take that Leland!! that’s the quintessential Trek! OMG, they saved some of the best Trek for an Asian actress! I’m in tears, seriously! So good.

Less effective, yet another torpedo surgery. Why didn’t they beam the admiral out of there after she shut the manual override? She should have been inside the shields so they can beam her. Man, I hope it’s not because they didn’t think of that due to lack of sleep… but anyways, nobody likes to see good people go… more tears…

Okay, side shows aside…

I had to watch this three times, and again, honestly, when they slowed it down, when their faces were blurring as they entered the time-hole… then it sank in… something new and bright is beginning. A morning is about to dawn.

There are no words, but there is a gesturing emoji:


The finale is a definite must watch at 0.333333333X speed. The whole season 2 should be watched at 0.75X

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