Re: Software Engineers Should Standardize and Unionize (Rated R)

Hrmn I just read my blog post. Wow what was I thinking? I don’t know when I wrote this!! Or why it was publicized? Did somebody hack my WordPress account?

It’s happened before on other internet services, I bought an insulting domain name to prevent someone else from using it. Later I found it pointed to my own website. Some one obviously hacked my domain registration account and changed the records…

If the spies at work are monitoring my personal blog I could get fired for this! Should have put a disclaimer in that says it isn’t meant to be about my present employer–and I will not name that entity fearing retribution or jeering from its peers.

That is a very poorly written blog with a few very mean things! Like wtf is wrong with foreigners who are talented? And there are no domestic terrorist putting dogshit on my lawn other than creators of these excrements.

I mean it practically says they are not talented as my employers says they are. Man that’s something to write. I mean I’m an immigrant. My mom and dad are immigrants! Wtf? Are we talentless overhyped like I seem to think everyone else is?


(I’m so glad I didn’t write even prostitutes knows to take action against those who wrong them… what would I have meant even? This piece of writing is so retarded and so demeaning!!)

(Man this is such… so many incomplete thought sounds like reading a freaking stroke in progress. …. think of trump this trump that… PR and GR…, developer professional, the engineering and surrounding activity are complicated and delicate…. then the consequent thought: when will a software professional muster the wherewithal to be a president of United States? (In particular all You software/tech people cursing trumps stupidity, how big is your project? Has it never fallen down? Yes yes he’s gone bankrupt many times and runs big business probably in a valley-evil way. But if you are so righteous and he is so evil why don’t you run for president? Is it because you are too busy debugging code? Is it because you spin in whirlwind of your products’ upkeep? Is it because your systems can’t scale in complexity space? I mean gosh, I had to factory reset the pixel 2 three times in the first month of use, and during that time they price went down $300 from my purchase price. How can google, once proud geeky engineer-centric tech-centric and knowledge- and skill-centric company with insanely high hiring bar as evidenced by their interview questions, how is it loosing so badly to Apple, a design-centric company? In code they are weaker in code there are bugs in android!!! They’re not weaker in usability, the stupid thing has more visible bugs) I mean I hate myself for experiencing this. Google is such an icon of tech! Symbol of no-evil, it is such a big company with market cap. How can money and talent not produce a product?)(but!! Larry or Sergei if you guys run, I will very likely still vote for you and probably eric too)

Why do we aspire and compare ourselves to jet engineering and skyscrapersand dam building? Sheer scale compared to size of individual people . Their largeness in the number of people required to make happen. The complexity of each exerts demand on the intelligence and organization of every individual involved( and yes of course also exerts greatly in pillars of the organization) that is to say it is hard to build a plane and a skyscraper and a dam. It is also to marvel at the fact that it was made to happen: at scale in repeatable industrial setting where it act of creation is repeated on demand! Lots of planes are built. Lots of buildings are built, lots of dams are built wherever and when ever people need them. AND they almost never fail! They never fail in spectacular ways like 100% outage for an entire day! What if on my 14 hour flight to China the engine quits for 18 hours while engineers turn on debugging and step through each rotation of the turbines? What if the third shard (floor) of Empire State Building just shut down and let’s nothing through for a day while DBA’s try to reboot and make another one to replace the broken one? These things do not fail. This is also to say that software do fail… at alarmingly higher rate. How is our industry to grow and become more relied upon by people (the same way we rely on planes dams and tall buildings)? If we don’t even try, it will fail! Humanity may fail because of or bad software! What if fate of humanity depended on 10million lines of ruby? Would you risk that? What about java? C++? Python? Perl? X86ASM? Are you a software engineer who will brush laymen’s aside and say, let me through, I am a software engineer, I can make it all work! Do you see yourself as a hero! Saving humanity? Because you may just very well be! So take it seriously!!!!! We’ren’t in scriptkiddieland no more!

perhaps software really is hard? Like np-hard type with guarantees to fail in the large system. But how do you explain Apple? (Honestly I think there is an exponential decay of memory and I may just not remember my annoyance with iphone, idk, right now, I can’t stand myself for trying pixel 2)

Disclaimer, these posts are not about my employers present or past or anybody I know or interact with. I own some google stock but I’m not being paid to write this.

Perhaps the real problem is that I foundamentally think differently than others. Many of those that I complain about revel in chaos that creates bugs and fixing them. I feel that bad software (product) is not inevitable. I feel perhaps people who believe in the prior will say that the Devil exists and will do his work no matter what we do. I say I want to be on the other team and I believe the Devil can be completely destroyed or contained–such power and knowledge can and do exist. All you Devil worshipers be warned, a day will come that a light shall shine upon us destroying all that is and all that supports and tolerates EVIL! Like germs under UV lamps, you will disintegrate!

Hopefully I’ll still be in good constitution and humor in the future and read this and figure out a better reaction to my blog entry, but wow!


That’s bad, that’s super bad!

Android 8.1

I just upgraded to android 8.1 on my pixel II and got locked out. To all appearance the new version of the OS doesn’t accept the unlock pattern that I use. The unlock pattern has a knights move step which does not appear when I make the motion to draw it. Sigh…

I think I will pass on iOS 11.2.1 update that is available right now. Won’t have a phone to use after these tech giants are done win their pissing games…

“The Great Wall”

Just saw The Great Wall. Matt Daemon, Dafoe, etc.

So… let’s see, I’m not the kind of Chinese that would be offended by this movie. Well at least not right after I see it.

The rings they recover, still slimy with its occupants bloody tissue, piling up, that’s some pretty gruesome imagery. But sadly, The Great Wall is probably more monument to all those who died building, guarding and rebuilding it than an ancient engineering marvel. This rings loudly as a metal ring would, reverberating many times throughout the movie.

Let’s see, there certainly is the white saves Chinese theme… westerner bringing the magnetic stone to China probly sounds offensive. Chinese invested the compass, and you want to credit that to the traders?

I can’t get upset though. I mean it looks like a pretty serious attempt to beautify Chinese people. All that scale, all that discipline and organization, women leading an army, social hierarchy and behavior expectations, all that ceremony, and respect and honor and greed and loyalty and betrayal, useless leadership at the top, and … a lot of good stuff to put on display, for better or for worse.

Anyways, for a brainless culture infusing fantasy with unevenly mixed movie genres and acting styles, it works fine. If this continues for another 5-10 movies, I’d be worried about the superficial integration. But right now it isn’t bad enough for me to be upset.

But then I’ve been in California for a long time, maybe more desensitized that other Chinese people about these things.