Scared of Math

I just read in the news today that Partha Niyogi died today of brain cancer. This seems like one bad news after another. Earlier in the year, Sam Roweis, another bright young Machine Learning scientist jumped to his death from his residence in NYU.

The horrifying similarity is that Niyogi is known for his (and his student’s) work applying geometry and manifold to machine learning. Sam Roweis also published some work on visualisation and learning on manifolds.

There has got to be something kind of weird alien trying to prevent Humans from taking the next important step in learning and evolution?

Or maybe American or foreign military some how knows about some powerful related with geometries on manifolds and they sent spies to kill these people who know how to work this stuff?

In any case, let me declare that I know nothing of this area of math or computer science. Don’t come and kill me!! The last thing I remember learning any where close to that is something called a “curl” and though I use it regularly to get data from the web, I don’t believe that I should be executed for that kind of knowledge…

ugh. I’m scared…

Social Network

Wow, cool, I wish I was rich and had a gf and did something good for the social life of young people..

In total earnestness, Zuckerberg look prettier, smarter, and meaner in real life than he is portrayed in this film.I am having a really hard time imagining him having trouble getting laid at Harvard.

err. I didn’t want to see this movie, since I don’t have a date, or the money, but after seeing a raving review in the WSJ, I decided to see it after all. This movie moves at the pace that we’re familiar with in the computer world. It’s stream of conciousness is compatible with mine.

But obligatorily, I have to complain about the portrayal of Asian girls as power hungry sex fiends who are jealous to an extreme and at the slightest glimmer of money will turn completely around to be a little cute bunny. I mean, if that were really the case, how come there’s never any horny Asian girl on my shoulders and being jealous of me looking at white girls? blah!!!

Hmmm, The movie is too kind to the winners, Sean Parker look like he got stabbed in the back by Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg look like the biggest loser at Harvard, so him winning is… is what we cheer for.

But then again, the loss of some big WASPs to Jewish kid… is getting too familiar. Last night’s movie about Quiz Show discusses this pattern: “First a jewish person win, then a WASP wins and wins bigger than the jew” So…. I guess, the clubbing scenes are nice, some nice views of SF… Zuckerberg saying something about “the energy in the silicone valley”…

Hmmm, time for me to get a beer and write some shitty thing about girl, and start a website…

anybody know how to get some facebook stocks?

I have a compromised immune system

I am beginning my weekend of TV watching with Quiz Show, which is showing on for free right now. What’s this got to do with my immune system? Absolutely nothing. Just using a bait title to get u to read my blog. muhawhawhahhahahaaa. Anyways, I use Google Analytics and I know nobody is reading my blogs except for me.Sigh…

However, I do have a severely compromised ethics system. When I saw Charles Van Doren deny the offer from the Jewish TV producers, I felt… I felt…

I felt that I want to take the offer. I am really short on cash recently and if I am made an offer to receive $100k (in 2010 USD adjusting for inflation) a week for reciting a few facts that I am made to remember, honestly, I think I would do it. I mean, as I watch the show, and how Charles interacts with his dad and mom, I remember my dad and my mom and the values that they try to instil in me. And I felt… like I want to be in Charle’s shoe. I felt like…

I want to be smart, handsome, white and blonde, and I want to have strong principals and say: “Well, I will have to say no” to two business men because I felt that accepting the offer would compromise my principles and values–be it academic principles, cultural principles, or personal values…

I so want that!!! Even if it only lasted for a moment (because after, he accepted and started taking answers from them)

I think the expression best express my feelings was said by a comedian:

“You know, I’m otherwise a normal heterosexual male, but in that one instance, for that one guy, I am gay. I want to put ****** into #%!#$!#! and *!# all oveR #!s %@#% #$ !#@$ ! #@%#! $ !#$ #!@ $#!@ $ !#@$ !”

Sigh, and from that point forward, watching the movie is just such torture…. it’s like after that one homosexual climatic romantic moment, you find that other guy cheating behind your back, again and again, and again, and again, and it just just such a fucking heart break. And you know in your heart that he doesn’t want to… well, you wish he doesn’t want to cheat on you.


okay, snap back to reality. Gota do laundry….