re: Real time democracy

Reading my own blog… I was a little under the weather that night of the company holiday party. I think I didn’t mean that it is the desire of the people for government to be anti-islam anti-muslim. What I meant was that perhaps Obama’s datawhiz should have seen that sentiment and made proactive action to try to promote more conciliatory atmosphere among Americans during his second term… I mean unless he knew and chose not to act… can’t imagine that being true though.

He should have been more real time so that we don’t have so much pant up whatever’s that now bubbles through the trump presidency. 

Now, of course, let me be reconciliatory, president Obama is not superman. And even Superman can only fight hatred with his brutally mighty alien force. Even superman has to drag out dying mother to establish commonality with Bateman! And they had to have the same English name: Martha!

What if superman had a Muslim mother? Ajlal! What if Superman uttered “save Ajlal?” Would Batman not smash his face in even harder instead of asking “who’s Ajlal?”

All that just to say thank you to Mr. president Obama, welcome Mr. president Trump, let’s toast to a bright happy safe 2017, and to the future, where we have fully deployed Democracy RT to production, to the future when it is conceivable that Batman might have had equally like chance of having a mommy named Ajlal, to the future, where America retakes the lead in having the most advanced government in the whole world.

Happy new year, everybody!!

Open AI Universe 

Just saw this, How long before it reads Jira tickets and makes pull requests, with tests, and performs code review and deployed changes?

Maybe I was too optimistic when I argued extreme evil is required to bring AI to threaten human intelligence?

Rouge one

Just saw Star Wars rogue one. The theatre is half empty on its 4th night, and admittedly for good reason.

I wish, as I often do, that I am born in another century or so… when everyone speaks the same language or everyone speaks everyone else’s language. Initially I was upset that Donnie Yen and Jiang Wen, two Chinese actors had all mumbling lines. I cannot understand what they say! And then I realized, so does Diego Luna and Felicity Jones and Forest Whitaker. It’s just a bad mix or else it just wasn’t mixed for an XD theatre. Many times I can’t hear clearly what they’re saying, and Star Wars is one of those movies where dialog mattered.

Btw,Who is the leader of the rebel group to recover the Death Star designs? Was it capt ander or Jyn?

Well, at least Vader is still bad ass, but his hip moved too much! That’s great for dancing but not for a warrior! Old Vader’s belt did not move when he walked. And he struts like a model in this move and not a mean killing machine of the old! Man, I am trying really hard to find something good but it is just such a jarring movie.

Star Wars is not a universe where we explore perspectives of the war, violence, etc… Star Wars had been, for me, a unified universe, with some greatest thing already known. It is a universe where Faith reign supreme. Ethics of violence is NOT a concern here. jedis are violent but are self constraint and prefers civilized solutions. Yes there is our real world. But sadly, Star Wars is not a place to search for solution. Imho