Why we exercise (not for kids please)

This is not for kids to read, another warning.

There is a bit of work obsession that American have with anal sex. Like, what’s with it? Why would any sane person want to engage in any activity near the exhaust port?

Speaking from the anus being used. It seems that perhaps human experience some amount of pleasure from excreting waste. If it wasn’t pleasurable we may avoid it entirely. One could almost imagine that there is some exit-bonus, speaking in modern HR euphemisms, that we are rewarded for excreting. Larger amounts, larger volumes, larger chunks, although unpleasant at some point, seems to result in relief, comfort and joy when they drop.

One wonders if this rewarding pleasure sensation is built into a healthy human being that it is necessary for a fully happy person. You have to eat large meals some times and you have to risk eating some hard to digest foods, oily foods, some times, that the stool they produce, can then cause said requisite pleasure.

Without it, we feel incomplete.

Now, due to modernization of our world, including extreme approaches to healthy diets. We always have well processed, easy-to-digest food. We have the luxury of eating and drinking enough to produce stools of consistent consistency.

We lose that sporadic experience and perhaps that’s why some people yearns for passage of objects through the anus rectum into or from the bowels.

There might be other organs involved as well, since it’s so close to sexual devices.

So what does this have to do with any thing?

Well, one question comes to mind is

Whether the practice of tricking the body into believing it is disposing of the remains of nutrition carcass to feel pleasure is healthy and psychologically good for us?

Another question is can it be proven? Can the creation of the pleasure response and it’s effect on humanity be proven some how? Can it be linked to our survival?

Once we can establish it’s necessity and side effects, we can decide if it can it be prescribed like exercise? Perhaps to combat depression?

The better scientific understanding of this pleasure built into human being can give us improved understanding of our laws, our religious believes, and the full history of the act in society.

Lastly, it gets the question how does the human and learn? This pleasure response is pretty far removed from the origination of the consumption producing the excrement. What kind of learning system can be motivated to eat from a pleasure sensation eight or more hours later? And frankly, the really stimulating ones may take far more than the 8-hour scenic tour normal meals take. That is not to mention that the stimulus down below is physically far from the response up top. But I would be reminded if I didn’t add that there is significant regularization to this by way of olfactory feedback. But that feedback is amiss during artificial anal stimulation. Seems equally plausible that the pleasure helps to overcome the discomfort of discharging waste. In that case, it actually is temporally very close to the activity it encourages.