Observe Universality of VAT

Just watched Andrew Yangs speech at the 2019 DNC summer workshop. Great stuff.

It occurs to me that his sales pitch to charge Tech company a new VAT in order to pay for the freedom dividend is a single sided pitch. Consider that the VAT will surely be charged to for-profit medical institutions, any manufacturer in the military-industrial complex, anything but service industry will be directly taxed for their addition of value.

The pitch of course still stands. As any and all of these companies services its customers–the American citizen–it will use the much feared “data-tech” to harvest and use your minds and habits and doings to make sure you want to pay it more money. The cashmere grew on the sheep, as Chinese proverb goes.

Once passed, the GOP can still elect a president who wants to grow the military, BUT, the American economy will be stimulated bottom-up because the munition and war-machine companies will fund freedom dividend by paying VAT on money it receives from the federal government.


These Democrats are freaking geniuses!!

This is one victory that will keep on winning!!!


It does beg the question though, if I observed correctly, there seem to have been support from both Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk, via retweet, donation, or tweets. Why are these CEOs who run multiple companies asking for more VAT. I mean, spaceX is potentially defense sector… why are they asking for more taxes?

What’s Chinese Government doing for its citizens?

When 6 out of 20 killed at El Paso Texas shooting were Mexican citizens, the Mexico government decided to take action in US justice system to protect its citizens.

How come the Chinese government never had the spine to stand up for its citizens? Defamation. Libel. Discrimination. Wage discrimination. Anti-competitive policies. So many things being done to the Chinese citizens of America.

I mean not that Chinese Americans are very organized or litigious, but how come China doesn’t care about its citizens like Mexicans do?

This is along many other great mysteries of our time that makes us all take pause and wonder…