Discovery S3E3

Very cool. At most Famx.3

Well, they have done it. Even though it’s only E3, we can feel that the whole show is definitely a millennium ahead of S1. Everything I’ve complained about, from not having any useful Asian bridge crew, to horrific dialog, to lack of gravitas when controlling computers, to the lack of happiness… it is all gone! Asians did a lot to bring USS discovery so far into the future. Dialog sound like real people in real dialogue, and the writing is witty and delivered instead of barked. Tech has progressed, programmable matter! That is damned cool sci-fi. Their operating the programmable matter interface definitely looks like the new UI let them feel the commands they are issuing. Headstrong characters that work. Inexplicable geniuses are a must in a sci-fi show and now we have a spectrum of them. Then, there is the story, this show is what Trek feels like. Excitingly barraging into the unknown full smile ahead, always coming out on top of tech and evil.

Looking back to history known to us, we can find Petroleum as one of the most transformative power source human has discovered. According to wikipedia, there’s good record of human comprehending relevant chemical and engineering properties of petroleum for the last 2000-4000 years. Modern commercial drilling began in the mid 1800’s, developing technologies to separate crude into gasses and liquids for various uses. Around the same time as start of commercial oil drilling, the internal combustion engine (ICE) was also commercialized. Since then, the most consuming use of petroleum is for powering ICE’s. So we are approach two centuries of using Petroleum to power our engines.

Jump ahead into the Trek Universe. It is theorized that first contact was made after humans successfully achieved faster-than-light travel using warp engines (presumably using dilithium crystal, the new Petroleum) in 2063. The events of discovery season 2 ends in 2259, then discovery season 3 starts in the year 3188, with the Burn (destruction of all dilithium crystals and the ships around them) occurring a century before that late in the 31st century. So we’re as advanced into the age of petroleum as the Federation will have been into the age of dilithium when Discovery jumped ahead 900 years.

This story really tickles the imagination. It challenges us to think at a grander scale about the comings and going’s of technologies. The massive changes in our civilizations when technologies come and go. Every person is such a small speck, so inconsequential, so very powerless against the emptiness and chaos of space. until you realize you’re the emperors daughter… oh wait… until you realized that you’d been part of something great, then you realize that you have greatness in you, that you are great! And even when you have rekindled that new hope, the newborn spirit is curious, fearless and determined, but it is frail…

Another aspect of the story is the change in Burnham. she says it a few times that she has let go of some of Federation within her. It’s kind of dangerous to see a happy person when Federation (and the Vulcan) is removed. But that’s what’s happened.

Absolutely mesmerizing!

Fantastic in so many ways!

Ravishing! Wild! Beyond!


YACCT: Yet another Covid-19 conspiracy theory

In 2020, the world coped with a traumatic pandemic caused by COVID-19. The Chinese locked down for a few months, and then gradually opened their country. It is now mid Oct. same year and the US is still partially locked due to fluctuating new case counts.

One cannot help but wonder what the Chinese did during those two months that they were able to just open up their country. This is a country of 1.4 Billion people that sustained healthy economic growth to become a world power in just a few decades. Contrary to popular American characterization, the central government in Beijing probably do exercise quite a bit of care when determining these drastic policies about lockdown and unlockdown. A country full of dead people, after all, also kills the power that they have secured over them. They must have had a working vaccine or a portfolio of therapeutics to treat Covid-19 within people of a variety body conditions before they let their entire population out of lockout around the intersection of Q1 and Q2.

How they achieved these medical feats of wonder in such a short time is up to speculation. It seems relatively easy for them to take a city and artificially spread the disease using the food delivery system they installed to supply everyone with food. Then, they just monitored them through the course of the disease as the sick went to hospitals. It is neither unimaginable nor irresponsible if the Chinese did this. What’s a city of half a million compared to the livelihood of 1.4Billion people?

Now, I am all for informed consent. Recalling the birth of my child, in the first few hours of her birth, the nurse at this American teaching/research hospital left her unwrapped, heater lamp off and in front of a window open to October air outside. I mean, the heat lamp built into the cradle was on, the nearest window closed and my baby wrapped, and then some lady dressed up as a nurse came and reversed all of these, while I watched. My child shortly thereafter stopped breathing and developed a problem that kept her in NICU for the next 11 days, while I watched!

I mean, I understand that I may be either demented or deranged. For I’m writing about conspiracy on an interweblog I’m the middle of the night, for god’s sake. But I tell you what, around 40th hour that I was awake that day, I had a moment to wonder the halls of that children’s hospital, kind of feeling a little afloat like a ghost. And on one of those walls, I saw a prominent poster advertising for volunteers to participate in a “temperature study” to study effects of different temperatures on newly born babies. I mean I am definitely all for non-discriminating informed consent for all medical treatments and experiments. I would not, if asked, have consented to this study done on my baby who had experienced a difficult birth. But to me, it seems that we have all the appearances and effect having been unwilling participants. I’m glad science is advanced having one more datapoint showing baby will die if left out in the cold after birth. I just don’t think neither we the parents nor the baby knowingly consented to it. And I am still uninformed about the use of the data collected during that experimentation.

(for future historian and the child’s reference, this occurred in the early 2010’s. In case I do not make it through the dark days of antiquity, let this be a datapoint for future humans and intelligent beings. Perhaps you will enjoy seeing how far you have come since my time.)

That happened in a prestigious American Research and teaching hospital in America a better part of a decade before Covid-19 but. It seems entirely possible that the Chinese experimenting on their own to solve COVID-19. I can kind of imagine them being able to get 500k even under proper informed consent and free volunteering. This is, after all, a communist lead country. There is still a lot of indoctrination about the good of many irrationally outweighing the good of one.

So where is the YACCT? One wonders if China may have bribed some countries with the details of their treatment capabilities. The fake skirmish between China and India—that’s probably a cover for China actually supplying India with a real cure. Russia boarder skirmish with China? That’s probably when it got itt too. Probably the one country that may truly not be involved in this world-wide conspiracy against America, is Japan. China probably would not offer the cure to Japan, and Japan is probably too proud to accept it… all Japanese has to do is speak Japanese and naturally that decreases Covid-19 transmission rate, according to one scientific research. God forbid that they were caught having imported anything from China after Tang the Dynasty.

So, there we have it. YACCT, against America! We’re the only country who didn’t get the real treatment Portfolio from China. That medical Intellectual Property, having being used on 1.4 billion people for the last 6 months during which America was locked down, must be somewhat useful to us in America if transferred in full.

As a person of Chinese heritage, I am very proud that my people can pull themselves together and accomplish great things in a short stressful period of time.

As an American, I wonder where is this spirit in America today? Where is that zeal to be the most advanced nation? Why are we lagging so far behind China in reopening? Has American medicine really fallen so low and so slow compared to other countries?

But I am numbly hopeful. we will pull through this—the same way my American Child pulled through that inhumane and degrading experimentation. We will survive, we will persevere and we will come out stronger, smarter, and better.

Evil shall not prevail!

You Have No Rights and Deserve No Privacy!!

I had an interesting mind-belching last night. This morning, I found out that the Catholic Pope wants to legalize homosexual civil unions. I don’t know if this is like a real thing or if it’s a stimulus to Conservatives to work harder to support Trump. Recall that President Trump is in the final stretches of his run for reelection to the highest office of this land. Those that want to protect the sanctity of marriage will surely be firing on all barrels after this last blow. America! The last bastion for conservative valued people.

Supposing that we are reasonable people. Supposing further that we believe in evolution as a most supported and most likely theory about how and why we came to be in recent times. What does evolution theory say about Human rights?

I would argue that evolution theory dictates that there are no fundamental rights to the species Homo Sapiens. I mean the existence of a God is not even a sure thing for most evolution scientists. Why would we believe that Human rights, one of God’s supposed creation, exist definitely? Freedom is not guaranteed above all else. Human freedom, much like freedom in mechanic physics, just is. If we are aware of it as a named idea, it is because this idea to interpret the happenings in the physical (and the social world within that) world helps us to explain and predict what happens next physical world. Us knowing about freedom and rights is possibly an evolutionary outcome and not a precursor requisite for evolution and progress.

The conclusion then is that there are no God given human rights. If we are mostly not even sure that God exists, there is no reason to believe all these liberal and egalitarian ideals like liberty, equality, justice, fairness, freedoms and rights, etc., exist in an absolute and metaphysical way as mandated by God.

My realization wipes clean the slate in my mind. I believe I will start anew and rethink all these ideas.

What about privacy? I yearned for some foundation to support my unbearable and ceaseless wanting to be assured of privacy in many domains. But I have not discovered it. There is no reason that we should expect privacy.

This, matter, again, seem to be a matter of physical world. Our physical world has light, sound, EM waves, and many many other things flowing around that carry information about. That organisms have evolved means to detect and interpret these physical artifacts is self evident.

The fact that we have not evolved too much to hide ourselves maybe that we have overcome the need for secrecy and privacy. We do not have skin that look like plants and rocks. We do not change our color of skin or fur based on surroundings or seasons. We in fact do not become transparent like we imagine some adaptive aliens can. We do not have P2P telepathy for communicating very stealthily. Would it not be reasonable to conclude that secrecy and privacy is of no existential importance to human beings? We seem to have overcome the need for individual secrecy and privacy by other intelligent and versatile means: We can build buildings, boxes, locks, etc. to protect ourselves. We can set up defensive perimeters using advanced weapons so as to efficiently deter attackers. We have been able to use smaller and smaller amount of our society’s resources towards successfully preventing everyone from been eaten by wolves or cannibalistic commies. All without hiding our bodies, the sounds and lights coming from our bodies and our whereabouts. We have better ways to do it.

In all, it doesn’t seem like there should be a supernatural or a natural reason why we would expect to have privacy. The fact that the physical world is as if it was designed without privacy in mind would suggest that we might spend our time on other solutions that do not require privacy.

(Come to think of it, it’s kind of funny that westerners use “Chinese Wall” is used to describe an information barrier when the Chinese say 天下没有不透风的墙 And they’re not referring to thermodynamic or barometric properties. The wisdom is that no secrets can really be kept for ever.)

I will also mention again that from the Read-Write perspective our evolutionary security(EvSec) policy has always been access freely but never mutate. Recall our DNA is often read, copied, interpreted and reproduced by all kinds of mechanisms inside the cell. We can create new copies of it, but for the most part we need the creation to be as exact a copy as possible without mutations. So I do believe that write-protection and any kind of mutative change should be defended against. With highest urgency superseding secrecy and copy protection.

What is Good: Then and Now

There are a lot of ways to think about what is good and what is not good. This question has been of interest to humans for a long time. In an effort to simplify the considerations, we should at least perform a time based separation. We should consider the question of “What is good” at different times in the life of an autonomous agent.

In the picture we have illustrated the flow of time with three instants in time highlighted by round dots. T1 represents a time at which we have the leisure of analyzing what might happen, and correspondingly producing a good agent to make decisions. T3 is a time after decision was made by the agent. At this time more observation of our physical world has become available to us. The consequent benefits or injury caused by said decision. 

Let’s first look at time T2. At this moment, the subject of our discussion, an automated agent, enhanced by GCI and other tech, has to make a decision. It does not matter if the decision making is a discrete process that produces decisions at intervals or if it is a continuous process producing a decision at every instant in time. All that matters is that at this moment in time, there is some set of observations and some memories and states the agent retained from time that has past. The decision being made is entirely a function of these two inputs. (Lets model a true RNG as part of observation–we observe a bit from an external source of entropy). This type of abstraction is very useful for programming as well as simplify a vast universe of possibilities so that we may perform informative mathematical analysis.

At time T1, we may choose one of many approaches to implement the agent. The agent may consider a snapshot observation at T2 or some aggregated information in time between T1 and T2. We may, for example, simulate all possible outcomes, and try to device an agent that can make the decision that work the best on average. Other metrics and objectives such as minimax may be used.(In multiagent extension, one may also consider using the QIM) We may for another example consider the regrets we may feel at T3 and focus on minimizing that consequence while making the agent (This is to say that at T3 we consider, additionally, all that might be observed to happen after T1). The one stipulation here is that at T1 we have to firstly specify what the observations and memories and states are. Without confining ourselves to these boundaries we cannot make an agent and consider its goodness. In reality, the function computation is not instantaneous, and for practical implementation purposes, we also stipulate bounded time in addition to bounded power of observation and GCI-mental capacity.

By isolating these three instants in time, we can clearly see that there is no question of good or bad for the action of the agent as it has no autonomy. The agent does not bear the weight of responsibility for acting well. For even its programming is decided non-autonomously ahead of time at T1. At T1, the entity responsible for the agent’s goodness may be forced to place itself within the restrictions of the agent (observations and GCI-mind) In a supervised setting the responsible entity may provide supervision by answering the question “What is the good decision in this situation at T2,” or “How do I make a good decision known these things at T2.” Semi-supervised setting may ask “What other decision is this decision like?”. Ultimately the responsible entity, to be good themselves, must do his best to ensure the agent makes the best best possible decision at T2.

The impact of that decision will be felt at T3. At all T3’s, nothing can be done about what happened at T1 and T2. All that remains is to celebrate our gains and morn our losses.

The conclusion seems to be that GCI is not about bad machines. The analysis of algorithmic bias, the concerns for all kinds of bias in the training data, all of these efforts people are putting in to making GCI is not about GCI itself. It is really about the GCI scientists, engineers, users and policy makers. We’re really talking about how we can be ourselves better at T1. Every complaint that GCI will be so terrible, maybe even end the world, they are complaints about ourselves at T1, that we have not made sufficient efforts or progress for everyone to feel good about T2 and T3. For me, personally, I think we should continue to better ourselves. WDYT?


Affirmative Action, Again, is not fundamentally wrong. Every person is different, everyone benefit from different things. Even basic needs like medicine and education can be very different from one person to the next. As we advance our understanding of ourselves and advance our technologies, it seems the only path forward is towards more individualized care and individualized education. I mean, until we reach full comprehension of the/an omniscient and omnipotent God like some people believe they have, we can’t know everything and there is no way for a single human engineered system to work for everyone. Everyone is special, and every live matter.

However, in our present American Democracy have established that race based preference is wrong. Doing something WRONG in the name of racial equality is dangerous for future endeavors for racial equality. There exist great disparity in quality of life for different races of people in America. There is a lot of work to do to get where we want to go. If we destroy our faith for this righteous dream of equality by engineering artificial inequalities based on race, there will be true inequality among us for ever thereafter.

We should commit ourselves to work to make everyone’s live better and matter more. But we should not do so based on race.

The President’s Covid19 is such fake news

He just stepped down from a ferocious attack campaign debate. He can’t be covid19 positive. I know I know, bbc, cnn, msn, even the down future is down 500. But in my heart I feel this is fake news. It’s possible I am very very biased after watching The Comey Rule about the tenure of former FBI director Comey through his firing by President Trump. Seems like facts and fiction flow from one another very freely if the movie’s portrayal is to be believed.

I mean, okay, okay, I can believe that he has some symptoms. And I believe maybe he is a little warm. But I believe that it will cool down, by itself, you know, kind of like global warming will cure itself.

Sorry, it’s like, I guess after I think that I am starting to feel my apathy, his apathy. It’s like we don’t care enough about the matter. There is almost no way the White House will lose the President to covid19. Not America, no way. Most likely scenario, real covid19 or not, is he will emerge heroic and victorious over covid19.

I guess it does affect the election a little bit, can we really elect a President knowing he has a weakened constitution? okay yeah, I think maybe President Trump has Russia or China hack my head, I suddenly just saw him say: “I’m still smarter, quicker and better than sleepy Joe, even when I have covid19, I’m still better!”