The Product Management of Auto-ON

It’s Q3 of 2020. There was just that big fire in California. My family is like all the other families here, we went through a frantic phase of buying air purifiers.

Why is it that I am am not able to find an air purifier with an Auto-on feature? What I can find are three types of control:

manual-on-off or sensor-based control.

  • Manual on/off switch (possibly with timer for auto-off)
  • Sensor based controlling the fan speed
  • Wifi-connected “smart” filter which mostly means you can adjust the last two settings on the phone.

Maybe the unit-economics of the business just doesn’t work out, but wouldn’t a feature that allows you to set a time of the day to turn filter on automatically be beneficial to all?

For the user, auto-on allows me to enjoy fresh air, and peace of mind, daily by turning it on during lunch (covid19) or before returning home (for normal working days) when I return, it turns down to low. I get fresh air. I get the comfort that the air is filtered. And honestly, it reassures me that air is clean irrespective of the accuracy of the sensors.

For the seller, this auto-on feature is a guaranteed win because it automatically consumes the filters. Replacement of filters is an income for the purifier maker. Quickening the consumption of filters means quickening the pace of money coming in to buy filters. This seems like a total no brainer to have.

So I am left absolutely dissatisfied and confused about these purported Capitalists running these companies. Why did no purifier company make a purifier that allows you to set it to turn on full blast during some time of each day?

It’s times like this that our mind begin running in wild orbits: perhaps it’s a conspiracy ? The government uses some kind of mind-control gas to control our productivity, and an air filter cleaning the air just before you return from the outside will counter the effectiveness of the mind-control gas.

Maybe the google and Amazon has “the secret resistance” employees that has arranged it so that the mammoth computer systems specifically give me poor search results because I’m a minority race(easily identifiable by name). Maybe that’s why I can’t find a product that make any sense.

Maybe these companies are all run by Soviet spies and made in China because they’re like a couple. FAKE Company!! Fake company !! They’re not trying to make money!! Fake companies are absolutely WORSE than FAKE NEWS!! I mean clean air is absolutely a vital infrastructure of the United States of America!! We absolutely have to stop these companies! They’re all spies!! They’re all foreign agents!!! They’re trying to keep Americans breathing sick air!


Stop the bad air purifier companies!! Shut them down!! Shut them all down!! They’re all foreign entities trying to corrupt our god given gift: the right to a breadth of clean fresh air.

How to reconnect to router iOs 14.0

I just installed iOS 14. Aside from its Chinese keyboard being much jerkier than before the upgrade, and some new gmail quirks, everything seems great! Love the new modules you could pop onto the desktop.

One thing I did have trouble with was that I couldn’t connect to my router’s administrative interface any more… After a week of frustration I have finally discovered the fix. my router apparently checks IP address before allowing admin connection.

After you disable Private Address, the router will suddenly remember you and let you log back in again. Yippee!

Good luck with the next update, I hear it has a lot of new features.

The Orange Sky

It’s September 9th 2020. We experienced exceptionally dark skies today in the San Francisco Bay Area. New reports claim that it is due to multiple large wild fires burning all around us. It makes sense since we had 100 degree labor day weekend just a day before.

Orange Outside of Safeway Around Noon

News is blabbering about The revelation that President Trump “down played covid19” very early this year because he didn’t want to cause panic. People are calling him a criminal for not taking care of the American people.

The air actually smells fine. At night, the sky is actually very bright, it might be due to reflection of human lights back down by the same smoke that kept the sun out during the day. The news reports claim the marine winds are blowing in at lower levels close to the ground. The net effect is that we can’t see any sun but the air touch us are actually quite fresh. Sadly, another side effect of this is that my 7KW Tesla solar system generated very little energy

3 hours of a 100W light bulb is all we got from the Sun today.

My feelings are amazing considering the day. I have a slight inkling of what is to come if this doesn’t clear up in a few days. A more united California to be more extremely environmental for sure. Maybe more drastic laws/allocations to either fund some serious effing research or code changes affecting all companies in California. We already require all new constructions to have solar power. Maybe we can also require all buildings built since the 90’s to have solar. Heck, maybe even carbon emission allocations for all individuals. I can sell all my credits every year since I drove electric cars and use solar energy. It’s all good. There is nothing like human and society being propelled forward by disasters.

It also did occur to me that maybe if we can’t contain the fire that my house may burn. Or if there is so much burning that we may not have enough oxygen to survive. I seem to be content with the fact that we have no escape. If we run out of oxygen, the roads will be so congested that we will not make it out. (We did fill up gas tanks though, just in case.) My wife has superstitious believe about severe inclement atmospheric phenomenon foretelling large earthquakes—old Asian mythical believes. man, have I got a big problem if we had a real earthquake right now…

Watching episode S2S2 of the Boys. This show terrifies me. Storm front kills Kenji brutally, murmuring “Fucking Yellow Bastard!” I have to take issue with this for a moment here. I don’t care if the world is coming to an end, but this brutal expression of hatred by a white super hero is truly disturbing. I am losing sleep over this because it disturbs me. I don’t see a black person being kills “Fucking Nigger Bastard!” And honestly I am truly truly horrified. The sister of the dead “Super Villain” are Japanese siblings. She sees him die. She sees Stormfront glow with glee in front of the camera for killing his brother. Now, if anybody knows anything about Japanese culture… the things around honor and the acts of past Japanese people, killing, in the name of honor and possibly hatred… And, I, having Chinese culture in my upbringing, am keenly alarmed by hatred and vows to revenge, OF ANY KIND, in a person of Japanese descent. Not that I think anybody should hate or bow to revenge. But my mind floods with the past murders of Chinese committed by Japanese people. I just wish I didn’t see that, any of that. (I mean, also, can’t a Japanese do something other than fight teeth and nail in hatred?) White people do have super powers in America… the least of which is called an Executive Order. Japanese people are still people and they still do hate and value honor and revenge as part of their culture. Whomever this show is made for, I am horrified to know that someone found this amusing or entertaining. Any of these stories… a girl with super power can only fall for a useless boy… Replaying all the failure of Christian religions…. Women raising child of rape being forced to live with the rapist… The son of raping revealed to be more and more like his father… The dream or a promise that we may create a super race yet… and a Brit is the only one who could lead la résistance!? I mean what kind of mushroom tea was Jeff Bezos drinking when he approved this show for Amazon Original? Why make an even worse version of our history? I just don’t understand where our world is going any more. And I thought Silicone Valley was blatantly pointless and just plain mean and racist. This show really takes it to another level.

Okay, okay, so let’s say that this is a metaphors for the class struggle between the poor and rich Americans. And let’s suppose that it isn’t really recent immigrants versus naturally born Americans. The poor are the retched, drug dealing, dirty as heck, country-of-origin-diversified team whose only mission is to defeat the other team, and maybe right a few wrongs of the past. The rich class is the other team that has a few very very powerful white supe’s, and a few supporting minority supe’s. The rich team is the racist brutal bunch that can deliver policing brutality with zero consequence… oh wait, with consequence of more money and more fame. I guess I could be persuaded to see it this way, except I, my own person, cannot identify with either the racist rich class, or with the jobless drug dealing poor class. And anyways I feel if anybody interprets the show this way, it only stirs more anger and hatred fueling the volition to violence. I don’t see a parody Jesus Christ supe showing up mid-season and parts the ocean between the rich and the poor. I cannot imagine a supe with the power of peace. There is no way out of this mess except for violence and more violence—as far as I can imagine in the context of the show. Therefore the Boys S2 up to E4 is Famx30 for being absolutely agonizing to watch, despite superb execution and suitably choppy scripting for this genre.

The dust is starting to come down. The white flakes reminds me of dead people ashes after the aliens pops people with laser in the War of Worlds.

The red sky is almost identical color with the post-apocalyptic Gallifrey in Series 12 of Dr. Who fictions. Btw, Series 12 is so much better than 11… Maybe we should consider stop making these fictions. Maybe that way these fantastically violent delights will never come to be in our dearly beloved real world.

Never cruel or cowardly,

Never giving up, never giving in.

And if you ever be, always make amends.

– a Whoovian saying

Dr. Who S12 is a solid Famx1. Absolutely mesmerizing and everything flows very smoothly. And the Dr. is very much the Dr. even if there are many Dr.’s. The femininity is really settling in and maybe someday we wouldn’t even imagine this caring and knowledgeable and powerful alien could ever have been anything but a women. (I mean, you can look to some eastern deities for examples of some very caring individual who, upon enlightened ascension, eventually manifests to humans only in the female form despite their otherwise gender at their human birth. Since we know Dr. who scripting adopts elements and characteristics of myths of the east, this might be a very powerful storyline.) I am saddened that S13 might be her last as the previous several Dr.’s only endures 3 human years before regeneration. The sex change could use another two years at least… And I will say it here and now, I definitely will not watch Dr. Who inside an AI or Android. Absolutely not. Nope. Just won’t do it. famx\infty .

Anyways, just posting some observations and concerns… this blog is geolocation in a few places, so someone may see it in case something happens to all of us.

Good luck everybody!

A week and half later, same camera and location. It is already very hard to recall the exact feeling of that gloomy morning.