The Love of Mammalian Reproduction

Hehehe, can’t help but giggle at this… the topic will be replaced with music or baseball later. Thinking back to Harari v. Li, the talk was pretty raw as they were presented with live questions by a moderator. Questions selected by popular vote via phone app. Part of the discussion that wasn’t flushed out fully was how Mammalian Love relates with human Soul, or some other thing that is human and not reproducible and replaceable by machine.

The unanswered question was what if an AI became better at Love than you the human? Some may argue that in the Mammalian sense it has–in the Mammalian reproductive sense.

Okay, after my friends stops giggling inside, we changed it to “enjoyment of music.” What if an AI became better than you at enjoying music?

As a music listener, you may be displaced by god or the performer for being lesser listeners. Practically, if you think it through, the observable manifestations will be your clapping, gasps, laughter,…, economically it will be your demand and subsequent payment for the ticket…, an AI could do all these better from the human performers perspective.

Whether an AI can do it better than you from God’s perspective is unclear at the moment. I think both Harari and Li will tell you that that question does not merit an answer or an effort to answer. (I am unconvinced by them of that. But that’s just me)

But seriously, can the human performer be inclined to select robots for an audience because they are better audiences? Or perhaps because they pay more?

Okay, fine, let’s drop the act and ask the deed: Will human Mammalian reproduction cease because we each individually and as a society find human love in the sense of Mammalian reproduction to be lesser than a Robot performing the same love? Tautological argument that Robot by definition is not Mammalian so reproduction and love are irrelevant can be made. But seriously though, ‘bots f’s better, and they can’t forget birthdays, anniversaries, toilet seats, and they can’t get wrinkles, and have performance issues…, they can’t be violent domestically, they can be made uncaring as to your aging and ailments,…. the advantages are many.

What if AI invents time travel? Would Beethoven and Mozart prefer a robot audience?

What if Hitlers decided to exterminate AI instead of Jews?

Oh wow! Time travel and GAI although are still science fictional, they do indeed stir deep and confusing thoughts in my Mammalian brain which is considerably blown.


Ps, wow, all this new scientific knowledge and concepts buzzing in my head, I’m starting to think that the cup used to drink hot beverage such as tea or coffee affects the taste of the beverage in part due to the flow of air in and out of your mouth as you take the drink. Different shapes of cup will produce a different air flow, some of it wets your mouth or tongue or teeth or throat, other flow serves to dry out parts of your mouth, producing a new contrast as the tea touches your mouth. Man…. maybe there isn’t a soul in human after all like there is no magic in the infamously magical tea cups?

Pps sorry if this is kind of boring blog… if I had Constance Wu for daughter, given my creativity, I might have named her ‘Const Chang’ or worse ‘Const * Chang’ or get fancy ‘Const ** Chang’ thank god she had her parents instead of me that her stars are in the right places… prayers for my children please…

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