The Report

Just saw the new movie on Prime Video about the making and publication of the report on (the failures) of American Enhanced Interrogation Techniques. The story centers around the research and publication of the report circa first few years of Obama’s presidency.

I used to think Feinstein should be removed from senate for her failings being on the Senate Select Committee from a time before 9/11 through the exercise of EIT. But if she did what she did in the movie to bring the bad stuff to day light, maybe I was overly critical?

But still, shouldn’t someone get some blame for 911 and the subsequent useless application of EIT’s ?? Foremost, not discovering and stopping 911 seems like such a bad thing. Why isn’t there a report on that ? Why isn’t there a report on what the IC is prepared to do in the future in terms of forcing cooperation from enemies?

Watching the Senate discuss and debate is so boring. Nobody is changing anybody’s minds…. it’s such an act… but so poorly performed. Can they at least act like anything matters?

I feel very unhappy with how my tax dollars were spent and it seems the only way to change it is to elect someone else or run for the office.

Consider my tax dollars paid for my income in 2018. A big part of it may have gone to paying inefficient and uncompetitive farmers of America in subsidies to offset the Chinese tariffs. On top of that, I have to spend more for Chinese goods. In what part of the world out side of a farm is this fair? Why can’t American farmers be men and standup and compete with the world on production? It’s not like we don’t have the sciences or machinery. We invented most of the science and machinery for this stuff. Farm subsidies should only include Yang style UBI and maybe some tax relief on the real estate taxes for the farm lands. They can choose to stay lean, leave the land fallow, or they can choose to work, but effectively. What they cannot do is to just take my money and grow fat, all the while wasting energy, polluting environment, while pretending to farm.

Yeah, but strategically, we must have food, you say, that’s why we subsidize farmers. If the whole world dies of hunger, we can still eat. The problem is not that we need strategic capabilities to feed American mouths. The problem is that they are inefficient and unable to farm as effectively(cheaply) as foreigners. I mean, this is where the country either stands up and say we are independent of the rest of the world(and put the nose to the plow and get to work), or it plays nice to get what it needs. It should not choose to cuddle it’s farmers at cost to the entire population.

Why don’t they do a study on that too? I am so dissatisfied with the people we pay to do things…

But it was a good deed, to expose those inefficient and ineffective torturers.


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