Chinese Spam Phone Calls

How come nobody has taken it upon themselves to find these robo-callers that target Chinese speaking people? Today, in late 2019, I received 3 different calls in an hour all speaking Chinese. Initially, I thought they were targeting those silly Chinese people who rely on the Chinese embassy or DHL, but soon I realized that whoever is responsible for making these robo-calls are not event waiting to take my credit card numbers. They just hang up as soon as I pick up. This is starting to feel like some kind of public defamation of Chinese people. By impersonating Chinese spam callers, the perp is trying to grow hatred for Chinese speaking people.

I wonder who in the public is a suspect for systematically and persistently inciting hatred among Americans in late 2019.

The worrisome thing here is that we always believed there are white hat hackers out there who are willing to serve justice and the public good. But in this case, no one stood up to identify the hackers making these spoofed spam phone calls. It has been years since these spam callers came online and nobody is willing to take up the effort to stop them.

Maybe all the white hats are mostly Chinese-hating white supremacists? That’s not unbelievable. Maybe the FCC or whoever else has legal jurisdiction over the phone lines are all white rats who couldn’t dream of a better way to make America hate Chinese people more.

Why has no one made any effort to stop these spam callers?

No, it would not make me happier if they started speaking Cantonese or Hokkien or Russian or Hebrew or Spanish or Vietnamese or any other language. And I would be just as worried about the sullied reputation of those races–all minority races here have suffered very bad racism when it was unchecked and they should never again. Hatred by a single race, is a root for hatred by any race, and we should not have any of it.

Of course, my future self could laugh at my naïveté when it is discovered that this was the first AI generated virus that took people decades to eradicate… in that case, we really should try to stop critical infrastructure from disruptive foreign invasions. Can we get Bill Gates on that? Let’s drop some big bombs on this bug!

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