OMG! fuck yeah! it’s over!

OMG thank you fucking gods Silicon Valley looks over.

Honestly, this TV show come at a difficult time to write a TV show like this. I mean between bitcoins and deep AI… and the Trump presidency life is more fun than fiction.

Also, I hope the authors and allllllll his technical advisors and consultants actually ran out of material. Does that mean that we’re at the wits end of the likes of Gates and Ellison and … all the VC’s that consult does this show? for absurdity?

this last bit where compression un-does encryption was all the rage, possibly because compression suddenly got really good due to “deep” style algo’s, maybe two to five years before the show. Basically if you can reliably compress all encrypted messages, it means you know something’s about the message which is either the encryption method or the encrypted message.

It’s interesting that the show illustrates the problem with Tesla auto-pilot. Some how, the end… seems like the beginning of something really bad…. and the worst part is that the bad sequel might take place in real life.

I’m glad the show is over. I hate it when the single Chinese character person, sampled out of a quarter of the world’s population, just happen to be evil… and everyone else is great. Like literally, they’re like great more than great can be…. every stinking racist character on the show except for the Chinese character.

I guess this is like a thing white guys do where the guy takes his dick out and waves it in the wind and says, look at my huge dick, no shrinkage even in the morning San Franciscan wind. That they write and act these thoughts out just to show that they can do it, get paid, and have a good laugh at it all at the same time.

Great. Now you’ve done it. Please put it back and let’s return to normal civil living. I hope you enjoyed wasting your life.

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