Watching Bodyguard

I’ve been watching British police story Bodyguard on Netflix.

Did anybody notice that the British show is much much much more diverse than any American police/politics drama. I mean, yeah, sure, I noticed in past viewings that black people in Europe, when caught on camera are very happy and well respected. But this show… It has random Asian on the bomb squad! Mixed races of all kinds at all levels of the government. Police force had more women than men in powerful places… And it all fit naturally–and it may just be British English on my American ears, but it all seemed so proper. (As opposed to American shows in which female leadership seems forced… With few exceptions of course.) Maybe it’s because of their Queen that their entire culture has builtin affordance for women in power.

The bomb squad is a job, in American shows, usually reserved for red-blooded white Americans plus one African American. The Bodyguard shows us a vision of truly diversely integrated society.

I suppose the British empire did have a few more years of experience with multiculturalism than America. Whether it is enslavement or equality and rights creation, they have always been on the forefront of not just behind Americans.

I guess the only grudge I can have for this show is there is not an Asian villain. Sure the bad guy looks German, I guess it’s a running joke about Brits’ (or is it the Englishes’) feeling about Germans… But if the European/British organized crime suddenly had a Mexican or Singaporean syndicate… Wouldn’t that be something?

Perhaps the grass is greener on this side when viewed from the other side?

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