Oh the Cost of Red Hearings

It occurred to me that this whole death of Jamal Khashoggi’s killing might be a red herring to block news of Harvard discrimination from surfacing. I happen to follow the latter news and it has all but disappeared from my news feeds since the journalists death.

If there is any thing we know about Harvard, is that it hosts a whole lot of foreign donors and famous people. According to news, possibility of future donation is a very influential consideration for admission to Harvard. If this setup is ruined, it could affect future Saudi princes or nobilities from being admitted.

Plausible explanation, imho, of the sloppy way this is being handled by everyone in power as well as many famous people. For example the first related news was Jamie Dillon, CEO of Chase, the largest bank, refusing to attend Saudi investment conference. Mr. Dillon of course has his MBA from Harvard. Uber CEO, Dara Khosrowshahi, Brown Alumni, also has Ivy League connection. The only other CEO mentioned in headline news is Richard Branson, who obviously didn’t go to school. Trump who is down playing this seem to be unaffected by his Penn connection. In the case of Branson and Trump, these guys are so rich and powerful that they may not suffer from influence of Harvard.


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