privacy win

It would appear that renewal of the Patriot Act failed to pass in the house of rep’s. This seems like a big win for the peoples of the United States.

But the truth remains, that many people believe the “American way of life” still require this kind of invasion of privacy. The house missed passing the renewal by only 7 votes.
I seem to feel a great number of voices cried out in pain and then silenced… (Obi-wan about start destroyer blowing up a star)
I wonder if this is also a win for terrorists ? I feel selfish and foolish for wanting monitoring and hacking of my computers to end, but somehow, there is fear in me that Bush jr. and the American Government that passed the original act may have been wise, and that not having it will actually cause a net decrease in quality of life here in the USA…
alas, only time will tell, and for now, I think it’s a change for the better…

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