Lina’s second place

Watched the final game of the Austrilian Open recently. Lina versus Kim Cjk.

Second and Third set was a real bummer. It’s like the announcer said, it’s sad to see the fans, the flash photography get to her in a big game like this.

Some two decades ago, the Chinese analysts will have blamed Lina’s loss on her lack of nutrition, comparing to her gigantic arms and legs, surely late into second and third set, Lina ran out of steam.
But it’s two decades later, and I’m sure it’s not nutrition. So let’s go with western analysis, that she is inexperienced. Personally, I think she is not sufficiently detached from her home country’s politics. She tried to, exclaiming to the referee to “Tell the Chinese to stop teaching me how to play tennis.” Something that any Chinese not causing her to miss shots might find offensive out of context. However, I can totally understand her. It’s something she has to do in order to achieve the individualism that she aim to achieve, “I play for my self” she says, proudly. It breaks with widely misunderstood Chinese traditions. And the occasional counterintuitive necessity of breaking with supporters in order to progress.

Also, did anybody else notice that awkward and embarrassing sweat spots on Kim’s chest ??!! omg! Is that milk seeping out? I cannot, I simply cannot remove my eyes from those expanding wet spots around her nipples that eventually join together and covers her whole torso. God!!!! that should be illegal, as should her jersey, which is various colors of green–green being the color of the tennis ball.

Overall, I guess her individual achievements are commendable. I might not stay up to watch another one of her games until she gets to final again, but I would watcher her again in finals, despite my current frustration with the apparent reasons for her loss of the grand slam title…..

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