YACCT: Yet another Covid-19 conspiracy theory

In 2020, the world coped with a traumatic pandemic caused by COVID-19. The Chinese locked down for a few months, and then gradually opened their country. It is now mid Oct. same year and the US is still partially locked due to fluctuating new case counts.

One cannot help but wonder what the Chinese did during those two months that they were able to just open up their country. This is a country of 1.4 Billion people that sustained healthy economic growth to become a world power in just a few decades. Contrary to popular American characterization, the central government in Beijing probably do exercise quite a bit of care when determining these drastic policies about lockdown and unlockdown. A country full of dead people, after all, also kills the power that they have secured over them. They must have had a working vaccine or a portfolio of therapeutics to treat Covid-19 within people of a variety body conditions before they let their entire population out of lockout around the intersection of Q1 and Q2.

How they achieved these medical feats of wonder in such a short time is up to speculation. It seems relatively easy for them to take a city and artificially spread the disease using the food delivery system they installed to supply everyone with food. Then, they just monitored them through the course of the disease as the sick went to hospitals. It is neither unimaginable nor irresponsible if the Chinese did this. What’s a city of half a million compared to the livelihood of 1.4Billion people?

Now, I am all for informed consent. Recalling the birth of my child, in the first few hours of her birth, the nurse at this American teaching/research hospital left her unwrapped, heater lamp off and in front of a window open to October air outside. I mean, the heat lamp built into the cradle was on, the nearest window closed and my baby wrapped, and then some lady dressed up as a nurse came and reversed all of these, while I watched. My child shortly thereafter stopped breathing and developed a problem that kept her in NICU for the next 11 days, while I watched!

I mean, I understand that I may be either demented or deranged. For I’m writing about conspiracy on an interweblog I’m the middle of the night, for god’s sake. But I tell you what, around 40th hour that I was awake that day, I had a moment to wonder the halls of that children’s hospital, kind of feeling a little afloat like a ghost. And on one of those walls, I saw a prominent poster advertising for volunteers to participate in a “temperature study” to study effects of different temperatures on newly born babies. I mean I am definitely all for non-discriminating informed consent for all medical treatments and experiments. I would not, if asked, have consented to this study done on my baby who had experienced a difficult birth. But to me, it seems that we have all the appearances and effect having been unwilling participants. I’m glad science is advanced having one more datapoint showing baby will die if left out in the cold after birth. I just don’t think neither we the parents nor the baby knowingly consented to it. And I am still uninformed about the use of the data collected during that experimentation.

(for future historian and the child’s reference, this occurred in the early 2010’s. In case I do not make it through the dark days of antiquity, let this be a datapoint for future humans and intelligent beings. Perhaps you will enjoy seeing how far you have come since my time.)

That happened in a prestigious American Research and teaching hospital in America a better part of a decade before Covid-19 but. It seems entirely possible that the Chinese experimenting on their own to solve COVID-19. I can kind of imagine them being able to get 500k even under proper informed consent and free volunteering. This is, after all, a communist lead country. There is still a lot of indoctrination about the good of many irrationally outweighing the good of one.

So where is the YACCT? One wonders if China may have bribed some countries with the details of their treatment capabilities. The fake skirmish between China and India—that’s probably a cover for China actually supplying India with a real cure. Russia boarder skirmish with China? That’s probably when it got itt too. Probably the one country that may truly not be involved in this world-wide conspiracy against America, is Japan. China probably would not offer the cure to Japan, and Japan is probably too proud to accept it… all Japanese has to do is speak Japanese and naturally that decreases Covid-19 transmission rate, according to one scientific research. God forbid that they were caught having imported anything from China after Tang the Dynasty.

So, there we have it. YACCT, against America! We’re the only country who didn’t get the real treatment Portfolio from China. That medical Intellectual Property, having being used on 1.4 billion people for the last 6 months during which America was locked down, must be somewhat useful to us in America if transferred in full.

As a person of Chinese heritage, I am very proud that my people can pull themselves together and accomplish great things in a short stressful period of time.

As an American, I wonder where is this spirit in America today? Where is that zeal to be the most advanced nation? Why are we lagging so far behind China in reopening? Has American medicine really fallen so low and so slow compared to other countries?

But I am numbly hopeful. we will pull through this—the same way my American Child pulled through that inhumane and degrading experimentation. We will survive, we will persevere and we will come out stronger, smarter, and better.

Evil shall not prevail!

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