The President’s Covid19 is such fake news

He just stepped down from a ferocious attack campaign debate. He can’t be covid19 positive. I know I know, bbc, cnn, msn, even the down future is down 500. But in my heart I feel this is fake news. It’s possible I am very very biased after watching The Comey Rule about the tenure of former FBI director Comey through his firing by President Trump. Seems like facts and fiction flow from one another very freely if the movie’s portrayal is to be believed.

I mean, okay, okay, I can believe that he has some symptoms. And I believe maybe he is a little warm. But I believe that it will cool down, by itself, you know, kind of like global warming will cure itself.

Sorry, it’s like, I guess after I think that I am starting to feel my apathy, his apathy. It’s like we don’t care enough about the matter. There is almost no way the White House will lose the President to covid19. Not America, no way. Most likely scenario, real covid19 or not, is he will emerge heroic and victorious over covid19.

I guess it does affect the election a little bit, can we really elect a President knowing he has a weakened constitution? okay yeah, I think maybe President Trump has Russia or China hack my head, I suddenly just saw him say: “I’m still smarter, quicker and better than sleepy Joe, even when I have covid19, I’m still better!”


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