This race is so racially charged

Biden just announced Harris as VP candidate.

My outlook for the future suddenly feel so bright. I even saw some serious work from one of the Democrats’ twitter account about getting Trump state—they are working!

But honestly, I had privately complained to friends that I don’t want to see an old white man elected president because he is most likely to beat Trump. Sleepy Joe scares me and it’s more than derisive nicknames from the Republicans. It would have seemed that America would rather have a mediocre white man but not one of the younger, stronger, minority candidate even has a chance. It would have seemed that we would choose a president for politics sake and not for merit and vision and leadership. I felt doomed. A victory would have been a loss.

But now that Harris is on the ticket, I feel a heavy weight lifted. I don’t have a rational thought about this—my rational thought is I’d preferred Yang or one of the black or latino man, or even sanders to really stir up changes. But I honestly feel happy that she’s on the ticket. That victorious loss just turned into a losses victory. And seriously, there are news paper suggesting Biden plans to die in office because he’s “choosing a VP who can step in any time.” This is so sad for so many reasons. But I’m feel the hope spring, and changes are already visible.

I fear that this race may be too racially charged. I don’t like the fact that I look at Joe Biden’s race when evaluating him for presidency. I don’t like the fact that the selection of Harris, an Asian-African-American, for VP brings a smile to my face. Race is way too much part of this decision. Politics is way too much part of this decision. I cannot even think about what’s good for myself, and much less for the country, because my mind is just so concerned with the color of the skin of the candidate.

Truth be told, this intense mental preoccupation with the singular concern of skin color (or minority status) is somewhat supernatural—it does not diminish naturally. It does not suffer from semantic satiation: where a word become blend when you repeat it 100 times and that repetition causes you to forget its meaning or pronunciation. This intense focus on race, it has endured for many years. Note that the election has brought it to the fore-mind, it is a sound that echoes without decay of amplitude between my ears.

One kind of wishes that there was more to it than that.

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