If we weren’t against Trump

I signed up to the Democratic Party at Democrats.org. This is the official Democratic Party organization . It is Q3 of 2020 and the postmaster general, a donor to Trump, has just re-organized the USPS either in response to massive losses during coronavirus shutdowns or in preparation for the presidential vote-by-mail election coming up in a few months. One can’t imagine things becoming more partisan than this.

But staring at the multiple mails from democrats.org, I have a heavy heart. The DNC sends me 3-5 emails everyday. The subjects are either some one famous is asking you to donate (Biden, Obama, Albright, Warren, etc.) or that it was detected that Republican “outraised” the DNC. In both cases the first, second, third, and last paragraph asks for money donations.

I think, maybe I signed up for more than I bargained for. The political process I expected to experience includes things like discussing issues, or at least discussing the recovery from Trump presidency, how that will take place. For example, is Biden going to cancel everything Trump did by executive orders? Like what’s happening? Is the proposal to elect Democrats to every seat of government and undo all the laws that changes these years?

Some part of me feel that I don’t want to give money to the DNC. Their banal emails tells me exactly nothing to make me want to add another cent to this organization. When I did contribute to the Yang campaign, I felt there was a vision for change and progress. And I racked it up to inexperience the way Yang emailed twice a week saying “this is it, the last moment, if you don’t give money, I’m dead.” I thought that he did that in sincerity because he doesn’t know that the desperation does not garner more support. I thought maybe he doesn’t know how to influence people en masse because his professional experience had been in smaller enterprises of startups. I fought back vomit because I thought if we bear through it that there was a hope for more united and civilized and democratic future for America.

But now that I see that this kind of behavior is not just one faction, it is the whole rebellion organization, the whole resistance, the entire DNC are people like this. Even the experienced politicians believe that desperation win hearts, and hearts win money, and money wins the race.

I don’t know. Maybe I’ve been an outsider to Democrats until now. And maybe republicans talk to republicans like this too: “give money to me, that’s the only way I have to win.” It is horrifying to me to hear a leader say “the only way I can do my job is if you gave me money.” There is something wrong about this.

Why doesn’t the campaign show me the campaigning that took place? Maybe a massive zoom session, a rousing speech, something, anything. That shows me what the leader does with his hands and mouth. And brain. Something that shows me what he will do after being elected. Something that makes me want to give money other than restating “the only way to win a political campaign is money.” This Democrats believe is so sad! I mean even if that’s true, it’s not the sales pitch you want to make right? Don’t try to sell me a bed by saying “money is the only way you can get a good night sleep.” Tell me how soft it is and how firm it is and how it’ll even protect me from an earthquake when the house falls, tell me the big secret that the bed has unadvertised aroma that does the trick.

I don’t know… just anything that shows me these people care about doing what they are doing.

Like, we’d never survive an attack by an axis of evil with this kind of a party. (And I’m not saying there isn’t one right now, and I’m not comparing Trump or Xi to Hitler) but can you imagine Eisenhower or Churchill in their campaign speech saying: “give my campaign money or else Hitler will win!”


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