Starbucks Impossible Needs Tomato

Just tried out the impossible pork sausage sandwich at Starbucks. Unsurprisingly, it taste impossibly like pork sausage. It is a little bit less greasy than one would expect. This has been apparently a trend: Beyond Meat alt-meats tend to be extra tasty (in the sense of having MSG) but also very very greasy. The Beyond meats are great except visually, consumer can be made nervous by the amount of dripping grease. Impossible Burger does not drip grease but arguably could imitate fatter meat. To all these imitators,

There seem to be some physical properties of trans-fat and polyunsaturated fat that has not yet been mimicked by the alt-meat tech we have in 2020. One of the reasons why memories of good food can last in our mind for decades with great vividness and fondness. It is possibly not only because of the impression it makes while you eat it, but caused by the residual fats stuck in the nose, tongue, between teeth, in the throat, as well as the smell that bubbles up as burps during digestion. These continues, but gradually diminishing, stimulation of our senses continues to reinforce our minds through tingles of the same great taste and smell for hours possibly days after consumption. From what we know of neural networks today, this type of continued and repeated but diminishing stimulus helps us to remember it more deeply. (More specifically I mean we mimic this experience with replay buffer and learning rate decay in deep learning). During this phase of “learning” we experience desire to eat the same food but not having it. Thus, it seems that the sage summation:

Having is not as good as wanting.

Is unfathomably wise for its time. My addition, like a robo—psychologist adding adding a formula modeling human cognitive psychology to the appendix of psychohistory, stating further that:

Wanting is not as good as having and still wanting.

Since I asked her to remove the egg the sandwich, it was too salty for me. I think it can only be improved if my sandwich had its egg and tomato added. The tomato would add vegetable to this otherwise completely tasty sausage sandwich.

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