Can Covid Spread by Dishwashers and Washing Machines?

My relative who lives in Queens China tells me that a local doctor who serves the community for free told her that using single-use utensils is very effective against cross infection at home. It seems that even though he is trained in the western style, a dentist in fact—a profession that probably deals with cleansing of utensils on a very high frequency, he suggest using single-use utensils. This experience seems to suggest that maybe Covid can spread by dishwasher.

I just observed my dishwasher on its highest germ fighting mode (a 2.5 hr wash including steam cleaning, electric water temperature boosting, the whole #! (It’s pronounced “Sh’bang”). The machine seems to begin with a cycle where it wets the dishes with cold water. It the. drains the initial water along with food stuff it washed off before proceeding to heating up water and mixing soap. I’m going stop there and not suggest that this virus can survive hot water and soap and that it flys into my nose on a soap bubble, but that is surprisingly easy to visualize after watching cartoons with my kids for the past few days…

The water is expelled through a hose connected to a sink erator (a garbage disposal chewer of sorts that blends the food that falls in it before sending them down the drain.) along the way there is also a pipe connecting to an air gap. This air gap, is not effective in preventing passage of virus, in fact it’s probably where some escape, right into the nose of the person washing dishes or others walking by. MAN!! why hasn’t the CDC suggested this? Do Chinese people have to do all the work, short of sacrificing baby animals to save their supreme master, to fix Covid?

Anyways, I’m obviously blogging mid-Covid infection. I either got it from taking care of my kids or at Father’s Day celebration in a restaurant—you know, the usual good deed cannot go unpunished.

This is one nasty bugger! The version that I got has a feature wherein it makes you feel cold every few hours (I guess conversely it gives you fever every few hours, I’m not too sure witch because my mind wasn’t that clear then) feeling the chill, you automatically pile on layers and layers of warming things. My wife is under 3 or 4 layers right now despite my 4-day-wiser advise. The heat makes you sweat, then you flip off the cover and experience cold, sneezing and coughing ensues, as it usually attaches at the upper airway, ensuring its spread. This, as exciting as it may seem from a engineering design perspective, is quite horrifying.

But wait, there’s more!

The dresses seem very adept at causing panic. With all these flipping symptoms, one probably rush to hospital, infecting everyone along the way. Or else one may demand support by family member, once again causing new exposure.

For me, I seem to have experienced every symptom of every cold that I’ve ever had: fever, chills, sneezing, tearing, coughing(post nasal drip and lower as well), muscle aches, swollen joints, dizziness, lethargy, sleeping for days unable to wake to alarms. And some how this virus can activate these symptoms several times a day. So for example the customary chills/fever tend to subside for a single infection after one bout (2 at most I guess), but for Covid, I had chills like 3 to 4 times a day. And then the swollen joints… and some new issues like coughs that cause spasms shooting pain into the upper-upper arm (medial and before the biceps), smell sense being much more sensitive than before. It’s possible that all these symptoms were all happening in the first few days simultaneously. The virus may be able to affect the sense and highlight some feelings individually. An alternative explanation would be that the virus is probing my body for different vectors of attack that it knows about… or that my body knows about? Since there suggestion in the media about it somehow triggering immune system to do extra work, I wonder if those old feelings were produced by my own body—that they’ve always been a result of my immune system’s actions ? Anyways, without more precise measurement and comparison, it is difficult to come to a conclusion that I can believe in…

For me, I would definitely try to sleep less. Rest I would, but sleeping allows the body to do strange things without higher brain moderation. You end up lying naked on sheets that are completely drenched—that is not ideal neither for comfort nor for health. Seriously isolate. I slept in my car several hours when I was feeling the worst. Turning on my super heavy duty HEPA filtration system while my dishwasher is running.

Last of all, my hyperactive elder child and, frankly, anemic and very social wife are both very thin. They have symptoms far later and weaker than myself and younger child, who are not hyperactive, anemic and somewhat reclusive—relatively and euphemistically speaking🤓. And we’ve had it long and hard. So I would lose some weight in retrospect. That seems to help.

That’s it for now. Hope everyone get better soon!

P.s. I would repeat the official instructions from my hospital as well: 48hrs of fever, blood SpO2 below 94%, or worsening of symptoms including trouble breathing necessitate a visit to hospital ASAP. In all other cases isolate and keep healthy. Mumbojumbopseudosciences are here only for your enlightened entertainment purposes.

P.p.s. This message has experienced at least 10 days of isolation since my infection… hopefully it doesn’t bring on new troubles for any body.

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