NO! Dreamers are NOT Americans and they are NOT America

Last democratic presidential candidate debate of 2019. NO! For all the candidates who insist immigrants like dreamers ARE America, I wholeheartedly disagree.

Americans who are Americans, all Americans are America. Immigrant needs should not supersede those of Americans. They are NOT the only hope for America’s future.

I will not be a party to a party that puts non-American’s human needs above American’s human needs. Immigrants needs to be given a chance to be a part of a more advanced society through an integration process. They should NOT be imported to solely to work low wage jobs and pay for drugs. I’m glad a Andrew Yang is able to steer clear of this issue and focus on Americans.

And, Democratic Candidates, really?! Your realistic performance in mud wrestling should get you a role on Peppa Pig and not in the Whitehouse, so, please, resist the urge and certainly don’t flaunt it. You embarrass me.

On the other hand, I wonder if Andrew Yang will regret saying that Human value and Economic value should be separated. I guess he can’t really, since one of his two major proposals is actually proposing a social credit to account and store Human values. My own interpretation of Capitalism is that Capitalistic Humans believe that money represents and serves Human value. An American Capitalist would not separate the two any more than an Italian Catholic would not separate the holy trinity,… or a Chinese Taoist would separate the Yin and the Yang. The unique relationship between Money valuation and Human valuation of things, actions and situations is exactly why we think it’s so great. Lacking that, Capitalism is just another banal attempt at organizing human interactions with nothing sacred attached.

Money buys happiness with superior reliability.

On this day after the Democratic Presidential candidate debate, days before Christmas, all I can think of doing is to praising Money.

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