That nationalistic threat

Days after I pondered the meaning of nationalistic threat, Trump tells a number of colored Members of Congress to go back to where they came from on twitter.

Then, Peter Thiel says google acted treasonously by working with Chinese Communist Intelligence But refusing to work with American Military. Recalling my own dislike for the way Thiel runs his perv carrel known as Palantir–a company that was found to discriminate against Asian job applicants–my own Culturally incompatible citizen of USA included.

(Full disclosure, I own a portion of Palantir for money making purposes. Damn it, let’s just say it. Racist make damn good money in America, one just can’t help oneself but to enter into this kind of political existential hedge. If I fail to achieve my American dream as a lawful citizen due to effect of racism, at least my bank account is being padded by the racists’ success. God bless America!!)


I too have felt Google have been very eccentric. Everything from the way it’s smartphones underwhelming performs to how Google Calendar selectively send reminders to the timing of Gmail “unsending” emails that you thought you sent at work… none of these makes any sense! The lack of digital integrity is mind boggling! The evidence suggests to me that it is a wide open platform for pervs from anywhere and everywhere to frolic.

Which brings me to conclude that Thiel may not be as anti-google as he sounds. I mean, look, politicking is politicking, but the holes(and AI) are there for all pervs to use, not just the Chinese Communist Party. This is like saying the water company is in cahoots with Chinese a Communists collaborator because they supplied water to all Chinese spies. And Thiel is calling for less water to be made.

Maybe this is just his sneaky little way to reshape tech landscape and try to reduce pervs activities–well reduce pervs activities outside of his perv company.

Trump, oh dear mr. president, I feel your pain.(Think Ducky’s conversations from NCIS) All these foreigner immigrants with such different views on how things should work–or rather how Trump should not work–this really sucks.

We should really modulate immigration. Integrate everyone better before they have the right to fight about how Trump is allowed to live his life and how he tweets his thoughts. But we should get there not by curtailing the rights of citizens. We should reach social stability not by shutting people up. Even kings have to treat their subjects properly or else he risks being beheaded in most gruesome ways–and by that I don’t mean violence against Trump the person. I am worried about the swing of tide the other way where one day American citizen may once again be second class resident to new immigrants to America. That day, I might have to wait tables to serve strangely named goo to some highly paid aliens who are prized by our society mostly for their nonasexual preference–an act where a quorum of participants must be from different continents or planets and all have different genders. Think about it! Can you see me running around at ripe old age of 190… “would you like some fries with goo? How about I supersizes that poo for you? ”

That IMHO is the kind of poverty we citizens are headed for if these extremist nationalist pursuits continue this way.

Can’t we all just get along?!

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