Indian Dominating Tech

Interesting to see a Korean Man suing Intel for illegally unfair preferential treatment towards hiring and managing Indian employees.(mercury news article)The article is quick to point out his age at 45. I once consulted a silicone valley lawyer who told me that workplace unfairness is not actionable until one reaches 40, at which point age discrimination is most accessible discrimination to sue about. “Before that, they can do anything they want,” she said during the $450/hr meeting. (Ehem, if you are reading this, the rest of our conversation is still privileged and I wish it kept private)

This is not news. I have in my collection the names and reporting hierarchy of several very large silicone valley companies. There do exist these large clumps of all-Indian groups. There are also many all-Chinese groups, Russian, French, Belgian, …(there are hundreds of countries that have originated very successful people in America) Sometimes they come to be due to acquisition. Other times the arise from the “natural” process of head-hunt/interview/offer/negotiate/acceptance.

The hard working part of Indian immigrants is hard to argue against. Consider some luminaries such as Adobe, Google, Microsoft, MasterCard and Nokia CEO’s Narayen, Pichai, Nadella, Banga and Suri respectively. (And many more such as Nooyi) they don’t get where they are by discriminating against other minorities and giving Indian employees months of extra vacation time. If anything, you’d almost expect they work their place-of-origin mates harder to achieve the excellence😇. There is a secret sauce in their success that is well beyond my imagination. There are of course many super-human-beings from other countries that we have observed… but that the Indian people produce so many successes is definitely awesome!

Anyways, back to the lawsuit. There might be merit in the suit, but it isn’t really a class action lawsuit. The problem being the discriminated class will include white people who also did not receive, for example, cultural holiday vacations that all Indians share in partaking. And it would appear that as a majority class(another one being an American, or male, or elite/American schooling) cannot be protected by discrimination laws–they only protect minorities in protected class against actions of non-minority people. AFAIK.

It is also inconvenient, for example there are Chinese people lead companies (NVIDIA, AMD, Citadel, zoom, etc, etc…) that can celebrate half a month worth of lunar new year, or Jewish-lead companies with their holiday schedules. The success of this case may just ruin everyone’s holidays.

Admittedly though, Chinese people are a multinational race that have a great deal of shared culture but also diverse holidays. Apparently the people of China(those that are from PRC), celebrates national day (their 7/4) for a whole week in October. For the uninitiated, this event apparently has become a economic boon for the world as Chinese people there leave work for a whole week to celebrate their own economic success by the expenditure of their disposable wealth. Stocks, that you can buy in America, skyrockets due to the annual geometric growth of sales during that week… But that same holiday is probably not celebrated in Taiwan, another Chinese-lead country🥱 from where Chinese-American originate. Chinese people might lose extra holidays if extra liberties are not allowed on all culturally significant days.

America is a place where the declared value is that people are to be treated as equally as possible ignoring place of origin. We value diversity and inclusion. We want to make it all work so everyone is happy here. We want everyone to bring their joy and celebrations along with skill, knowledge, talent, culture and heritage here to share with us as we share ours with them. It is up to us to make it all work.

It is quite civilized to go to court instead of mass killings or mass (and secret) wars of race-based retaliations. Let’s see what happens, but this is exciting development either way!

😇In the cut-throat economic competition of silicone valley technology companies, one would almost expect it to be more like the baby sea monsters from 2021 Disney movie Luca, where huge heaping boat of lives from their place-of-origin were sacrificed to ingratiate the human being hosts. 😱

🥱for many practical purposes dispute great deal of squabbling over its nationhood.

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