The FAMX Media Rating Scale ∈[0, ∞)

It seems I’ve begun to use a scale to represent how much a story or a show is enjoyable. The rough idea is that if I were listening to a podcast story, how fast would I listen to it? If the show is largely content free or uninteresting, I may speed through it at 2X or 3X speed. If a show is packed with information, or emotional content that I may wish to linger upon, then I slow it down to 1X, and some cases, the shows run so fast, like Star Trek Discovery, or Hamilton biography, that I may have to rewatch or re-listen to large portions of it, the average speed slows down to below one–0.5X for example if I watched an episode twice. 0.1X if I had to review a formula or chart 10 times.

There are those moments, where I would freeze a frame or stop reading mid-sentence in thought, agony or enjoyment, until biological reasons stops me. In these situations, the content merit a near 0.

And everyone has experienced content that you cannot finish fast enough, those cases we have a large FAMX rating.

I hope this blog has been at most “FAMX 1X” or simply “1 FAMX”

Hope these explanation helps.

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