A stab at politicking

I was born in the PRC of the 1970’s and it shows. My solution to everything seems to be to control all variables. Recall that I suggested trading software should be like professional car races where the trader bots are limited by their flops. Another thought along the same line of political campaign contributions.

It seems there are a lot of thoughts on how to do campaign financing right. Roughly, the political candidate with the most money has the most resources to influence citizens to cast the vote for them. So the political office is won before the election at the fund raising stage.

Political Action Committees of all flavors are the vehicles to which money donation can be made towards a certain cause–indubitably a political candidate.

Why not restrict the media in which political campaigns can spend their money? Supposing that candidates are only allowed to champagne by SMS limit of 160 characters. That seems to drastically alter the competition to the most important stuff rather than fancy presentations that do more to misdirect than inform.

Okay, perhaps SMS limit is a little extreme, but consider the perhaps limiting the AD impressions and prime-time minutes of TV, in a way that the candidates can not drown out another party by spending money to buy out all the campaign media opportunities.

A second way is to semantically limit the content. During a video, the number of letters, words, and numbers displayed on screen can be limited. The number of objects, simultaneous sounds, animation, and images of opponents.

By setting these kinds of limits, one can possibly effect a more issue-centric and content-centric political campaign process.

More simply, it removes the influence of money.

More idealistically, the hope is to engage in better politics by honestly focusing on our intelligent humanity.

These SIP thoughts partially inspired by Netflix’s Designated Survivor season 3. Halfway through, will issue FAMX rating of 1.3X for the front half of the show.

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