I am Mother?

Just saw this film on Netflix…

This is the kind of stuff a parent wishes to show his daughter. Look, take your test and try your best. ‘cos you should know your older sisters didn’t try their best and…

But seriously, I guess one interpretation is that the AI set up the intruder to test the daughter some how? Quality being the ability to survive? Or ability to distinguish those useful for survival and those that are in the way? Why did she have to kill mother? Was this kind of a prove of self sufficiency? Is there an inevitable violence in the maturation of humanity? Is the corruption of those in Eden an inevitable element of our existence ? ( the intruder being the corrupting element with forbidden knowledge) perhaps an existence of overwhelming enemy to overcome is a required element of human evolution? Mother set up the fear in the intruder, and then in Daughter, to introduce the strongest possible fear and hate. Hatred for robots unites humanity, it concludes after failing to unite humanity in peace using other approaches.

Although, one do have to commend Daughter for single handedly deciding for the whole of humanity that it does not need Mother AI. Perhaps after an extinction level event, we will really be ready to decide to put automating ourselves out of mind and out of practice.

Thought provoking movie. Worth a watch at 1.25X.

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