Can’t ‘Off’ the AI…

I’ve come to realize that it is very hard to turn Bluetooth and internet off on mobile devices. There is an irresistible urge for the device to be connected. Many operations turns into the Bluetooth on. Similarly, the WiFi refuses to stay off. Connectivity defaults can be reset during OS upgrades. Rebooting the devices resets connectivity setting. Power saving mode changes can flip on these connections. Connecting the phone to computer or car causes them to turn on. Walking into a geofence may cause them to turn on… like your body can act involuntarily, fart or burp or hiccup, and they turn on.

At the present time, it is not conventionally known that these surreptitious auto-connections are causing us any harm. But the simple matter of fact is that I remember turning it off and then moments or days later it is turned back on again.

How will AI endanger our humanity? I feel perhaps the leakage will be here. When by our own, arguably the most excellent engineering organizations, deliberately engineer these features in software and hardware systems that operate against my individually expressed wishes.

The possibilities of how invasive and how offensive an advanced AI would be under governance of present day (2010’s) corporations is painfully forced into my mind.

I said “off” but it is still on. And some people probably got a lot of cash bonus, stock grants and stock appreciation for making it turn on even when I said “off.” Like, it’s not even about that software engineer selling his soul for money any more. That team selling everyone’s humanity for money!

Will more advanced AI technologies be hated by most?

It seems like that’s where we are headed today.

P.s. for those readers mocking me, please keep in mind that I don’t spend all my days on the iPhone. I do not derive my meaning and purpose from staring at this tiny screen all day long. When the button(s) that used to turn wifi(and Bluetooth) on and off suddenly become only a suggestion for the OS, it is very annoying and very inconvenient. In some circles, this might be called a bait-and-switch: get users used to pressing a certain area on the screen, then switch that action to mean something else.

P.p.s. The Mobile OS’s has essentially become mafias. Quite literally, when an OS upgrade lands, your device will suddenly malfunction leading to a forced reboot in the middle of whatever activity that was in progress. When you discover the availability of the update, you realize that it is really “an offer that you cannot refuse.” Nice offer, but still kind of forced down my iPhone’s throat.

Also, one shouldn’t forget that Apple settled the lawsuit paying $0.5 billion dollars for slowing down users’ iPhones via an “over the air update” to force them to buy new ones.

During all this time, it has lost no market value or received any impactful punishment for malfeasance that I as a customer would like to end. Apple has lost no faculty or direction for repeating the same exercise of selfish deceptions to increase its sales numbers or other business metrics.

And other companies do it too, of course, but most reader will have more direct experience with mobile devices from Apple.

The fact that all these things have happened and will obviously continue to happen is very alarming. Granted, my radio devices being turned on unexpectedly harmed me in ways that only I can sense and imagine. But mark my words, when it is an AI that gets turned on you unexpectedly, you will not be laughing at me any more.

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