Watching Jupiter Ascending

Why do we care about soul? Logically, it serves an axiomatic foundation to subsequent reasoning that distinguishes man from thing.

The Abrasix harvest human body material to create youth serum. People live, happy sad life die, all for the purpose of growing something that someone else needs.

So, let’s see, we grow livestock for meat, bacterium or fungi for medicine, fish for fertilizers.

A group of humans probably feel that the sophistication of our thoughts, the information we have created, is what makes us special. But certainly we write programs, whose natural course of execution eventually produces information that we need. After it produces the information, we literally terminate the life of that program, sometimes killing it using a command called ‘kill’. (And you wouldn’t believe how seriously hot and bothered some people get about programs that don’t die, and about programs that die unexpectedly. There is a great body of literature, written in natural human language, commenting on the life and purpose and mechanisms of programs with a focus of intelligence and passion and devotion and contemplation and conflict that can barely be overshadowed by those committed to humans)

Clearly, we still feel that life process and information process of a human is superior to the same of a cow or a thread of program.

I wonder if that will ever change?


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