That Picard Series

This post is written some years before the series is promised to materialize.

This is a great idea. The one thing I’d love to see is a healthy, vigorous Admirer Picard from the 24th century, happily about in an organization where he is useful, powerful, respected and completes his missions in life.

Kirk had trouble moving on to a desk job. But I feel most people in the world can’t be Kirk, and should progress step by step in life. THE one thing that the future may have a solution for us, is where do people go when they age? Sure, medical science can probably retard aging, but it is probably not to a point that elderly supercede the young in ability. If that were the case, the whole Human kind will have a strange change. I’m not sure where I heard of this idea of programmed death of individuals as a means of ensuring stability of the kind, it supports survival of the genome.

Perhaps in the vastness of space, social cancer is not a problem? Older population can drift into that infinite space and infinite combination. They don’t have to die and they don’t have to interfere with the survival and evolution of our genome.

A related matters is of course social structure. What happens when old people get old? Are they afforded additional power and resources? Or do they decay in their social stature? Or is it dog-eats-dog all the way to the grave? Perhaps Admirer Picard had to wipe out the projects of competitors achieve that position? Star Trek is never one to belittle competition as a driving force of Starfleet success. It surely continues through the ranks.

One possibility is that reproduction is at such a rapid rate in the spacefaring age that it naturally supports aging. As your generation gets older, there are plenty of younger generation that needs your care and attention. The Admiralty ranks increases in depth: Admirer first grade, Admirer second grade…. Each grade guiding a younger grade. The pyramid increases in height and newborns form the base of it. Advancement in case of exceptional work is of course possible. One doesn’t necessarily need to wait for a child to be born to gain a direct report.

Picard and AI would be a vastly interesting conversation. Wow! Like if he had to put down an AI rebellion, (I know I know, yawn, Borg’s done to death) but if he had to fight a human created AI… And end up with a solution that I present repeatedly in this blog: mutual coevolution of human kind and computer kind. (I know I know, look at how borgs turned out…)

Wouldn’t that be worth something to ya?

I shrivel and shriek as I think of all these possibilities. Wow, the future will come, in Trek or not… There will be a day when all these woes are solved. Woohoo!!!

P.s. hopefully this doesn’t look silly at publication tine, it was written Q4 of 2018… So long ago…

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