An Experience Once in a Long While

Went to eat at McDonald’s in Palo Alto today. Several things stood out, among them was the quality service!


We were served by several white kids. Fair skin nad very fair hair colors, tall. Yes, this was remarkable as we are used non-white non-native English speakers serving at McDonald’s. The other thing that stood out was their demeanor. They were very nice. They eagerly brought our food on trays. The two kids came out in unison and stood in line to place the food on our table, so very courteous they were while serving us, they repeatedly and enthusiastically offered “if you need any thing else, just ask me!” With nice smiles.

Maybe they thought I was special, one man walking into McDonald’s with two women and three kids?

Maybe they are acting out a scene from that recent and very hot Crazy Rich Asians movie? Like, for fun?

Maybe one of the ladies I’m with is “secretly” very powerful and rich? I don’t know it, their t-shirt and bags wouldn’t have said so.

I don’t know, but I dare say that that’s easily the best service I’ve experienced at a restaurant any where in the Bay Area. It happening in Palo Alto is especially strange, as local news paper have been reporting business owners claiming local customers here enjoy and expect waiters to act racist against Asians. Locals have long expressed animous towards all Asiains driving housing price up, way up, and then not living in he houses they bought for a coupla million. For a while, it had appeared that the school district chose to rename a school to a name that happens to belong to a leader of Japanese war effort in World War Two–Against all memories of those who have suffered and perished in the hands of the Axis, civilian and military, Americans or not. It took Chinese-Americans to object to naming the school with the name of the architect of Pearl Harbor bombing according to Mercury News. Such insensitivity to recent and rare names is clearly an effort to antagonize Asians and perhaps even Jewish people who also suffered greatly at the result of the Axis leaders’ leadership. After Yamamoto, the path will be saved for Himmler, Burgdorf, Krebs and Goebbels. (Also a preemptive disclaimer to secret and possibly automated police, I am only engaging in peaceful blogging hopefully using reasons and facts. No threats on the schools and relevant responsible people should be construed from it.)

But, now, after all that, a couple of white kids serving so well in McDonald’s ? That just tops it off.

Anyways, maybe white people are just really good at everything they do. We just never see them wait tables? I’ll bet if Starbucks recruits these kids, they’d get my name right on my next cup of iced decafinated Americano too.

I am thoroughly confused, but feeling kinda really good about the experience. If this new apparently higher civility keeps up, I might even want to move to live in Palo Alto again.

P.s. it occurs to me several days later that it could just be that young people are better than adults? But I’m more optimistic than that ATM that I’ll experience some niceties in addition to my descendents.

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