Silicone Valley wtf s5

I didn’t completely understand the Catholic and Jewish dialogs. I don’t know that Catholics are shun here?! My former Employer Jack Dorsey isn’t shy about his and his family’s afinity for Catholics. Indeed many employees found him quoting from the Popes speeches directly or indirectly when directing his company. I just am completely missing the joke here or I just don’t get this genere thst also includes Beavis and Butthead?

Also, this whole Asia copying America thing. Yes it happens so much and so blatently that its disgusting. But its really not that odd. Copying is a very normal thing to do, I mean your genes do it many times a day… Its part of nature like peeing pooping and bad comedy. Alas, it can be pointed out, while I still have this memory, in 2005, I was working at Yahoo! A bunch of execs just returned from a visit to Asia, mostly because of the typhoon their EA scheduled them to fly into, but also because of the awesome tech they saw. “The Taxi driver has two phones! One for nav and messaging and the other one to making calls… And theres this crazy micro-blogging thing thst every Korean is doing right now, especially young people whom we want to target” The exec blurted out in a single breath…

And sure enough, twitter was founded in the same year to do the same thing. Admittedly, nobody here admits to cooying Asia(or funding an idea that was successful in Asia), but one craze did mature in Asia before the other in America. And of course in Silicone Valley we know that today’s Chinese weibo is a copy of twitter or facebook… But its actually named, literally, a micro-blog. And they’ve had that before we did. Facebook, too, the social network has a broadcasting self-publishing and self-promotional functions that is basically you writing a short text and showing it to a lot of people. It all satisfy some kind of human need, and Asian human needs are just same as American human needs. I mean I’m writting a blog, aren’t I?

(And there are other similar examples, including moocs, escooters, all female executive teams…, etc.)

But I did not know about the horse manure problem of 1894. That was quite a jewel in the rough. Some writer sure sounds inspired…

But with so much other weird things like attacking people who have weird machine related sexual orientation… Thats so rude. We haven’t really established thst his robot was… errr… inappropriately handled. It goes to motive that if no wrong is done, why would he launch an ddos? This whole subplot is just an excuse to shine a derissive light on those with agalmatophilia.

You people make me sick!

Ps ohhh, okay, wait, there was this thing where many thousands of cases of Catholic priests sexually mollesting kids(and mostly male homosexual abuse as seen on TV) and the then holy see hid the fact and kept priests priests… Yeah i guess thats pretty nasty. although I don’t know that Silicone valley is more disgusted by this than people and companies elsewhere.

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