5 more years for 51st State

You know, I abhor Trump’s attack on naturalized citizens who hold opposing political views against him. I do not think it is very presidential or even legal for him to ask American citizens to leave the country for exercising their political voice and powers.

But as a naturalized citizen, I can’t help but cheer him on towards acquisition of 51st State of America. Like who gives a shit about the Mexican wall if we get another state. Americans should carve Greenland coast into a profile of Trumps face to celebrate his presidency if he pulls off a real deal. The New millennial manifest destiny! We can conquer the whole world with American ideals for human rights and our economical political system–by buying it!

Of course, it might very quickly melt or get washed away due to global warming.

I have to admit that the American voluptuary in me is in conflict with my rational scientific self. Both feel nationalistic pride but Trump sure knows how to tug at the American voluptuary’s heart.

Let’s make America Greater! Again!!

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