The Impossible Burger

Just had a cystoscope (yeah look that one up), all normal, cancer scare’s over. Last one I’ll need to have now that they’ve established a baseline for me. Went to Gott’s roadside at town&country and had me a Impossible Burger(were half of you thinking dr. Who’s Impossible girl?)

Wow, I’ve been vegetarian for around 20 years, many of those were vegan years. This Burger does taste like a hamburger. I am really surprised that I remember the texture of the the veins and fat popping as I bite into the Burger. The slight smell of heme is definitely a big hint!

The meal was very enjoyable. The cook on it could probably used a bit more sear, jalapeño would hit the spot for me personally, and maybe more burger, as I find myself wanting another one after eating the one I had. The bread is too heavy, or rather he patty could probably be a little fattier so that it doesn’t crumb as much. The fat would also help with the sear. The hint of red is too uniform. I think a little bit more with-in-party variety could do this Berger some good.

I’d definitely order another one for the taste of it. The website says it is made out of coconut oil and potato, so it’ll mostly be for fun I guess.

Next step for me, being in the unfortunate disposition of having only CS training is probably to try to find a way to buy some of their stock. All their jobs (presumably companies by steeply discounted burgers) are non-computer work. Sigh…

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