Silicon Valley is so Racist

Okay, so later in the episode, Richard gets called out for not wanting Jiang to hold shares in his company as Anti-Asian. But not before gilfoyle gives an unapologetic “I’m a racist, I don’t want a Chinaman in my bed, fuck you Chinaman.”

I mean, the show makes racist look good. Jiang was offensive and unaccommodating and broke the law, all of this circumstance makes it seem completely within reason for gilfoyle to deliver racist insults using racist slurs. The circumstance make racist behavior seem acceptable. It legitimizes racist actions in viewers mind by showing them how to treat a Chinaman. I even thought Jiang deserved it.

But Chinaman is a very deragotory and racist word used with equal distain and disgust and prejudice as nigger.

White dude can’t say nigger today in anger, but they can use Chinaman in a very very angry and insulting spiel.

Not okay, Silicon Valley! This is not okay!

Granted, Gilfoyle ass-hole-ness is emphasized as he mistreats other people in his surrounding. But that doesn’t help the case. There are plenty of people who sympathize with Gilfoyle … They are (seemingly) competant coders who think themselves so cool and in control… Saving the day once in a while… So righteous that rudeness is the only proper manner. I mean I must know at least a dozen people like this. And still, for all of you, you are all great human beings and coders, but please, racism is not okay! I mean I love you all, and you’re all wonderful souls. But racism is not okay, okay?

Why isn’t there a single Chinese American who would make a case against racism against Chinese Americans? Are you all yellow chicken shit? Gotta seem distant from PRC Chinese because if you show any sympathy for them them the FBI or CIA will begin keeping tabs on you? Gotta dress amd shave and wash and talk and drive uppity-properly so the TLA’s dont flag you? Gotta keep your istance from non-PRC Chinese lest big brother on mainland spies you commingling with break-away rebels? Gotta maintain PC so you can keep that job at non-Chinese doninated company and send your kids to school so your bosses kids can discriminate against your kids for yet more generations to come? My God! What has Chinese bred into their genes? Such meek and sick people.


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