Oh no you didn’t !! #NoAsiansEatingPets

Was there a little Asian girl eating a tiny Tribble in the preview trailer of second season of Short Treks? Wow, it’s nice to see that Asian people still eats pets in the future.

In the Star Trek Discovery season 2.5 Shot Treks Trailer, Tribbles are discovered. Several responses are seen: the scientist who discovered it exclaim in celebration of monumental scientific discovery, a conference of a bunch of non-Asian beings are all mesmerized by the creature, Tribble taking over a Starship, and the trailer ends with an Asian Human girl holding a baby Tribble on a spoon exclaiming that it is “quite furry and delicious” before putting it in her mouth.

I thought Trump was the only one going off of political correctness rails, but this is really sad. Like, where is racial disaggregations when you really really need it?

My kind of Asian people have preferred not to eat cats and dogs for many years–this is known to me for at least the past 6 generations. My children have never heard of the idea of eating cats and dogs in 2019. What willy daughter think when she sees this Asian looking Asian accented girl eating Tribbles? Hopefully it will still have been the case 300 years from now. Why don’t they take a young and bubbly French girl say “ooolalala! delicious raw Tribbles!” It will not be less inaccurate and insensitive.

Honestly I wonder if this is all due to a lack of intelligence. I can’t think of any racially stereotypical thing here except for the French eating all kinds of things. Let’s see, try making fun of Trump, he’s German British mix… let’s see… hmmmn…nada… well except for what he actually does I suppose.

I am conditioned by American media, and really there aren’t that many racially derogatory memes about these people as a people. And the media, fictional or otherwise, are led by real people, for example, recall the way Trump was recently kissing the British Queen’s ass, you’d think he’s petitioned to rejoin the kingdom! It’s just another executive order, right?

Trek was once a great show, where we project all our problems on aliens, and then solve them there. But now, the show has chosen to bring all the problems back to earth’s races. The magnification of these problems have not given us solace for our reality. It unsettled and angers without resolution. (Much like what Trump did so far.)

Where are we going so boldly, Trek?

PS. But in the same strides I have to say that it’s great that I feel so offended by this. This kind of racial stereotyping is so rare today that Asians are no longer conditioned to ignore it. The American society has advanced for sure. Hopefully this is just an aberration.

PPS the executive order stereotype about American government is sad too. As an American, that’s what my mind came up with. Our people are better than this. Do you feel like you are not of the party or faction that issues executive orders to join the great brittan? Well, I’m not part of the people who enjoy eating cats and dogs in that meaninglessly hedonic manner.

PPPS what is the problem with portraying Asians to like eating Pets? Can it not be a sign of acceptance of their laughable quirks?

Irrespective of who actually thought of doing that and who actually does that, it establishes a race based difference in perception. To White Americans, Pets are cut furry animals that evoke emotions of affection and comfort. They buy organic food for them, give them haircuts, pedicure and manicure more expensive than I can afford on my own person, health and life insurance,… I can even wager that some people,though nobody I know, are more faithfully spending quality time more regularly with their pets than with their children. Pets are treated for diabetes and cancer, they get chemo and insulin when a lot of human people can’t get chemo and insulin. Pets are family to White people who have them as family.

But White Americans make TV show showing Asians eating these family members and enjoying it. It says that White Americans either have uncontrollable conscious thoughts and fears of or are unconsciously primed to thinking Asians would injure their loved ones with pleasure. I mean that girl eating a Tribble might as well be the story of Vietnamese boy who blew up American troops with a grenade seconds after he receives candy from them in affable interaction. What small lovable thing is she going to eat next? Maybe white kids? Maybe your white kids?! Oh we already said that too. She kills family. Asians loves to eat your family. Rightful and honorable Humans do not eat family–Asians do. Watch out for these short pointy eyed sub-humans. This type of stereotype reinforces Whites’ conscious thoughts and fears or unconscious mind for this lesser alien people known as Asians.

The producers want to argue that they are raising awareness for killing of endangered animals or perversions of animal cruelty such as Asian Japanese killing of dolphins(watch the Cove, try not crying) and whales(Japan departing from the IWC in 2019 to resume whaling). Producers can cite Trek’s history of tree hugging with movies like Trek II/III. But honestly though, we all know that Tribbles are not an endangered species, that argument fails miserably.

PPPPS But relent I will in my deepening Trek induces depression. Who are we kidding. Trump was elected and presided over the country largely unassailable. This is the Democracy we live in. They tried to blame Russia and China for his election, but really, Americans had to cast the votes to make this happen. The producers/script writer/casting/actor all these people had to consent the portrayal for it to have happened. This divisive story telling is part of the soul of America today.

Asians eat pets.

Americans elect (and re-elect) Trump.

Let me accept it and seek a path onward.

(Ranting over a venti Hot Earl Grey at Starbucks near San Francisco… My family didn’t even like fermented tea much less with fruit infusion!! I hate myself!! (one wonders the preferences of the people who are originators and connoisseurs of such teas(not there’s anything wrong with those, God forbid. (Maybe this repetition of Asian girls eating furry things is deeply seeded in American Whites’ infatuation with little Asian girls (or boys) swallowing small hairy things, you pedos disgust me!! (I would bite my pollicies and halluces at your albino scribblers direction if I didn’t need them to blog and walk (man, it took days to come up with that one. I hate my retarded self so much))))))

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