Racism Against Chinese People in Silicon Valley

Ok… so, watching Silicone Valley season 5. Two episodes in and I’m having revolting reaction like Richard reacting to a large crowd of new employees. This portrayal of Jiang performing jackasseries like planning, explaining and executing a fraud is really upsetting despite all the other jackasseries. The main problem is Chinese people, even ones who speak as he does, do not do this kind of things.

… to be honest, I should not exclaim racial superiority of Chinese people in abiding by laws, but I can claim that they are no worse than the rest of the population…

To single out a Chinese guy, who is isolated and disconnected from the rest of the Pied Pier team… to display his wankerous exploits while the rest of the team is… being part of a team working on internet 2.0… This is just wrong.

Chinese people do not have the same social status or economic power as… people like Erlich Bachman, or even people like Big Head. Consequently they should not be substitute for Bachmans or big head’s characters. The stereotype comes at a very bad time.

A Chinese student was recently arrested for showing off a machine gun to his roommate in central Florida university… The arresting suspicion was that he stayed home all day and didn’t go to class.

Not that I feel like defending Jiang or that CFU dude, but I live in the Silicon Valley, and I stay at home all day and I in recent months have stopped showering, shaving and gained weight. Silicon Valley’s insensitive portrayal of Asian Americans make me very very unhappy.

I mean for god sakes, if I were to believe what America media tells me about it’s police and it’s culture, I would reasonably believe that the FBI in conjunction with local police may have been plotting a raid on my home for months because of my ethnicity and personal employment, health and hygiene choices.

Other plot, like Richard and Gavin duking it out in the hiring and acquisition space is not news to anyone whose worked here… well, actually, it’s worse and certainly not news to anyone as the settled conspiracy accusations high tech companies like Apple and Google, as well as settled allegations of hiring discrimination against Asians at Palantir, in each case, as news reports it, settlement against Silicon Valley companies.

But in these plots of Silicon Valley, the characters did not break the law as real Silicon Valley companies did.

So… in summation, the singular Chinese guy break law in a very very bad way when average Chinese is law abiding. All the other characters participate in the economy and competes according to the law when in fact the companies in Silicon Valley seem to have been competing on the wrong side of the law repeatedly.

I sense a bit of stereotyping here… glorifying something that in practice is bad and casting a very very negative stereotype on the Chinese Americans who are at worst average.

Shame on you all! You pig shit! You all are worse than the shit in the belly of that hog Jiang’s corrupt Chinese uncle shipped him from mainland China instead of the body of a dead white American he requested to present as evidence that Bachman is dead in order to gain control of Bachman’s Palo Alto residence. Who in the kingdom of horse dung to come wrote this script? And why???! Don’t you have a Russian or North Korean or even a German or an Aussie that you want to pick on? This is not entertainment! This really really sucks!

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